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”I wanted to make a prequel, and I ruined everything. I guess it could happen to anyone. I should probably write George Lucas a note of apology.” — Abed (Danny Pudi) on Community

”Was Mysteria even her real name?” —Winston (Lamorne Morris), about the prostitute he lost his virginity to without realizing she was a prostitute, on New Girl

”I tried to kill you, Caroline. I’m not exactly BFF material anymore. You should move on.” — Elena (Nina Dobrev), to Caroline (Candice Accola), on The Vampire Diaries

”Oh my God, that was really violent.” — Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) to Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), after a rather brutal moment, in Iron Man 3

”Every time I walk out the door, it’s going to be ‘Oh, what a beautiful day — hey, that’s where Deputy Shelby bled to death.”’ — Norma (Vera Farmiga), scrubbing blood off her front steps, on Bates Motel

”Sit with me and watch me choose you. Watch me earn you.” — Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), to Olivia (Kerry Washington), on Scandal

”Stock markets just crash, now I’m just a bill/History don’t repeat itself, it rhymes, 1929 still.” — Jay-Z on ”100$ Bill”

”June Eighteen.” — Kanye West, in a mysterious message that could refer to the release date of his next album, on Twitter

”Due to a tragic misunderstanding the Prettiest Pig beauty pageant has been replaced by a pork-rib barbecue competition… Oh, no.” — Chris (Rob Lowe) on Parks and Recreations

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