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Last night’s mole reveal on ABC’s Scandal was so much more than a simple answer to a question. It also planted a terrifying idea: Does OPA have a traitor walking among them? [Spoiler ahead if you haven’t seen last night’s episode.]

In the final minutes of the episode, which was the last before the season finale and the highest rated episode of the series, it was revealed that Billy Chambers (Matt Letscher), the former Chief of Staff to VP Sally Langston, was indeed the one leaking secrets. But the second jaw-dropper? That Josh Malina’s David Rosen might be working for the enemy!

Naturally, EW asked our guest video blogger to explain himself: “All I can say going into the finale is that these are strange bedfellows. Politics and scandal — both little ‘s’ and capital ‘s’ — make for strange bedfellows,” he says, promising “there’s a lot more story.” “We’re going to find out why someone like David might be working with someone like Billy, and who knows, there might be a gladiator in him yet — or he might take them all down and destroy them.”

Shocked as Malina was to find out David’s possible role in the mole-related business, he says the cast was equally as shocked when Letscher walked into the table read, calling the reveal “an absolute bombshell.” “Matt walks in the room and there’s just this, ‘Whaaaat?!’ Even though we hadn’t read the script yet — none of us had — it was clear that, ‘Oh, this guy is back. He’s the mole,’ Malina recalls “When we left him in season 1 there was a strong implication that he was going to be dispatched by Charlie, as played by George Newburn. So discovering that he was still alive and the mole was fantastic.”

Scandal’s season finale airs next week, and the actor, who also starred on The West Wing and Sports Night, says “I think that [creator] Shonda [Rhimes] and her crew have done it again.”

If you haven’t been keeping up with Malina’s behind the scene reports, watch them below.

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