On Sunday, Revenge wraps its second season (ABC, 9 p.m. ET) with a two-hour finale, and Gabriel Mann (Nolan) admits the show’s writers “had their hands full” trying to sort out the chaos caused by the Carrion program’s activation and the whole mystery of the Initiative. “I would say our finale is the solution to a season-long puzzle,” he says. “I was really thrilled the way they were able to do it, because even in thinking about trying to answer some of those questions myself, I would not have come to this.” There will be a death: “It’s one of our original core characters. It’s very bittersweet,” he says. “You have to anticipate on a show like this that’s part of the game you play, but for some reason it doesn’t make it any easier.”

We thought our Pop Culture Personality Test might be a nice distraction, but then we asked him to name a TV moment that made him cry, and well, you’ll see…

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