Mariah Carey

Considering how much Mariah Carey’s new single “#Beautiful” is driven by guest vocalist Miguel, it’s only appropriate the video for said single features Carey riding on the back of Miguel’s motorcycle.

The clip, which premiered last night on American Idol, actually features Miguel in multiple drivers’ seats: He later sits behind the wheel of a cherry automobile while Mimi teases a handful of upskirt shots in what appears to be a chandelier-adorned barn.

There’s little else besides those two set pieces, though luckily “#Beautiful” is such a breezy tune that it all falls into place. Give it a look below.

One question about “#Beautiful”: Are we supposed to be pronouncing the word “hashtag”? And how come neither Carey nor Miguel makes any reference to Twitter in the actual song? Is this merely an extension of Carey’s on-air Idol gimmick wherein she tries to make various terrible catch phrases trend throughout the live shows?

Still, even a dumb name can’t eclipse the fact that “#Beautiful” is the best Carey single in years, mostly due to the fact that she is letting the groove do the talking (as opposed to her ever-weakening vocal histrionics). Combined with the video, the whole scenario vary much recalls classic Carey summer jams like “Fantasy” and “Honey,” which could bode well for Mariah in the coming months.

What do you think of the “#Beautiful” video? Sound off in the comments below.

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