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Getting Arrested

I’m not a fan of Netflix, so buying Netflix for one show is kind of like buying a new car just to use the radio. But I’m so excited about Arrested Development coming back, sign me up — I’ll make room in the garage! —Doug Chausow, Boise, Idaho

Enough with the Arrested Development resurrection. Its first season was dismally rated, but that hasn’t stopped devotees from continually trying to get us to want to watch this show. I didn’t like it then, I don’t like it now. —L. Palaski, Los Angeles

Binge, Baby!

I too spent Christmas season 2004 bingeing on 24 (Editor’s Note). As I was caring for our premature son at the time, I feel a bit guilty that I was excited to be up at 2 a.m. to feed my child as well as to see how Jack Bauer had saved the day. Also, glad to see The West Wing on your list (”Your Guide to Binge-Watching”), as it was my binge show for child No. 3. Great article, EWers. Paula S. Wilding Wheaton, Ill.

A Literary Legacy

As an avid F. Scott Fitzgerald fan and scholar, I was deeply disappointed with your story. Instead of highlighting how The Great Gatsby is one of the most perfectly written books in American literature, not to mention a continual seller, you chose to highlight Fitzgerald’s Hollywood failures and drinking binges. While his personal life did influence his writing, his brilliant literary achievements should have been the focus of your story. —Brooke Capolino, Bethel, Conn.

Faux Biz

I really enjoyed the fake movie posters (Movies). I love how you poked fun at how Pixar will make movies about any everyday object (Ties), and Hollywood’s obsession with making movies (Care Bears) into 3-D as a cheap excuse for a good day at the box office.— Shane Blaisdell, South Portland, Maine

The Verdict Is In

Thank you, Keith Staskiewicz, for your dead-on appraisal of Paul Newman’s brilliant performance in The Verdict (DVD & Streaming). His heartbreaking turn as Frank Galvin was the crowning achievement of a stellar career. That he was denied an Oscar for Best Actor is a real Hollywood head-scratcher. —Jeff Hoyak Pequannock, N.J.


The full title of Aaron Latham’s 1971 book, Crazy Sundays: F. Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood, was inadvertently omitted from our feature about the novelist.

You Tweet, We Listen
Arrested Development Stars react to our cover

Its here. Entertainment Weekly. Arrested Development. It has begun. Check out #popwatch… — @JEFFREYTAMBOR

This makes it feel pretty real – this-weeks-cover-arrested-development/ — @BATEMANJASON

Your Guide to Binge-Watching

Readers offer up their picks for TV shows you should marathon this summer. And we tell you where you can watch them.

Supernatural (171 episodes and counting)

Two brothers, monsters, laughter, tears, and action. There is nothing like watching the Winchesters start so innocently in season 1 and develop into heroes over the next seven years. —Kelly Acevedo, Charlotte, N.C.
Watch it on: Amazon, iTunes, Netflix

Babylon 5 (110 episodes)

[Showrunner] J. Michael Straczynski created story arcs like no other before him. I know Battlestar Galactica is probably better and took your sci-fi bucket-list slot, but Babylon 5 should not be missed.— Matt Turley, Carlinville, Ill.
Watch it on: Amazon, iTunes

Get a Life (35 episodes)

You overlooked a comedic gem: Chris Elliott’s groundbreaking, demented live-action-cartoon series Get a Life. Its progression into the bizarre is tailor-made for a long weekend of laughs.—John Bryson, Green Bay, Wis.
Watch it on: DVD

Lost (120 episodes)

Your list is well put together, save a few glaring omissions. Lost is the perfect show to binge-watch, and should have headlined “The Bucket List” or found itself in the “On a Family Vacation” section (for island vacations, of course). — Kevin Romani, Westfield, Mass.
Watch it on: Amazon, Hulu Plus, iTunes, Netflix

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