Gwyneth Paltrow
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Of all the job titles that Gwyneth Paltrow currently holds — Iron Man heroine, best-selling cookbook author, web entrepreneur, People’s Most Beautiful Woman, side-butt awareness advocate —- there’s one that rubs her the wrong way: “lifestyle guru.” Despite two cookbooks and fast-growing goop empire, which now includes everything from recipes to housewares to a dietary “cleanse” product line, Paltrow says she sees herself less as an all-knowing advisor than as a clued-in pal with tips to share. “I’m not positioning myself as an expert or someone to follow, I just have access to interesting stuff that I’ve found, and you might like it, too,” says the actress, who sat down with EW at the Apple store in Soho on Tuesday before giving a presentation about her snazzy new goop City Guides app, which offers Paltrow-approved places to eat, stay, play, and shop in NYC, LA and London. (Guides to Paris and the entire country of Spain are in the works.) “It’s like having a sister you trust who says, ‘This person does a great bikini wax’ and you know it’ll be great. I love providing that service for people.”

Since she’s such a font of great recommendation, we asked Paltrow for her a few items on her Must List this summer. Here’s what she told us:

“I really loved it. I really did. First of all, I was completely enthralled in the suspense of it. It’s very cleverly done, obviously. As a prominent woman in the culture, I’m sort of a character and people project a lot onto me. And I’m fascinated with this idea of what is a woman allowed to be and not allowed to be? At what point are people put off by the success of a woman? Or when a woman stops capitulating and steps into her power, what does that do? There’s this fascinating kind of essay in the book where she talks about how women are taught to be, in the culture, ‘the cool girl.’ We all have been raised to be the cool girl, and we do a disservice to ourselves by complying. We’re taught that if we use our voices and say, ‘That’s not for me. This is who I am,’ then we’ll be rejected. It’s that compliance and capitulation that makes you cool as opposed to being assertive or having power or success. I thought it was very interesting. So I would recommend that.”

“Do the walk on the High Line. It’s so pretty. And it’s so representative of the city looking out for itself and investing in its history. Obviously it wasn’t spearheaded by the city, but the city got behind it. And when a city is like, ‘You know what? Let’s recognize our specialness and our culture.’ It’s so cool.”

Indicud – Kid Cudi

I really like the new Kid Cudi album, Indicud. I love him. I think he’s awesome and so complicated and so fascinating. I’m not cool enough to duet with Kid Cudi. I lost all my cred now. Between The Avengers… [laughs].”

Just One Eye (Los Angeles)

“I love this store Just One Eye. It’s this incredibly curated store. They have a collaboration of a backpack between The Row and Damien Hirst. Stuff you could never afford. It’s so inspiring. I’m not a huge shopper, but I love going into a beautiful store and just looking and being inspired. It’s so well curated and in such a cool weird building.”

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