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WARNING: Don’t read the following if you haven’t seen tonight’s Glee season finale.

The curtains have officially closed on Glee’s fourth season. But while Erin Strecker works on your full recap, here’s a rundown of the action:

+ After glossing over Mr. Schue’s re-proposal last week, Will and Emma had a major moment in tonight’s finale: “Wemma” officially wed! It all went down in the choir room in front of the Glee kids (because it appears the couple doesn’t have any other friends in this world?) Whatever. It was sweet.

+ The wedding occurred right after Regionals, where New Directions took the top spot. Yes, they’re going to Nationals in Los Angeles next year! Sorry, Jessica Sanchez (pictured).

+ Elsewhere, we’re left on a bit of a sad note with Kurt and Blaine. No proposal here, folks, but since the last shot of the show was Blaine holding that black box, we’re guessing this issue is far from over.

+ What might be over? Brittany’s time on Glee! The blonde dance machine accepted early admission to MIT, and she was forced to break the news that her decision would take her away from McKinley ahead of schedule. Considering Heather Morris is with child, this might just be a clever way of buying her a few episodes away. We’ll see…

+ …we’ll also have to wait until next season to see how Rachel’s call-back panned out. Boo.

+ Last, Ryder finally learned who’d been catfishing him. At first, Marley ‘fessed up, but it turned out she was only covering for Unique, the true culprit. Yeah…he was angry. So angry, in fact, that he quit the glee club! (It won’t stick…will it?)

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