Credit: Kelsey McNeal/Fox

No one wanted to say goodbye to Jack Bauer, so why not have him return?

Fox is in talks to bring back Kiefer Sutherland the long-running action drama 24 for a limited run. Since the network is revving up a division that will eventually churn out event miniseries like a remake of Shogun, a revisit to the successful 24 franchise could be just the ticket.

Insiders caution, however, that talks are early. If the dream becomes a reality, the series’ longtime executive producer Howard Gordon — who reportedly pitched the return in the first place and has since moved on to Showtime’s grown-up domestic terrorism hit Homeland — would return with the show.

Though the series ended in 2010, Fox’s sister studio 20th Century Fox didn’t want to see the franchise go away. There were talks to make the series into a movie but it never took off. Sutherland has recently starred in Fox’s Touch, which is not expected to return for a third season.