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Tonight’s American Idol was full of powerhouse performances, with the top three ladies conquering a tough challenge — tonight was the first night they had absolutely no input on their song choices. (Here’s our full recap.)

So how did they feel about that? The answer to that and more scoop from behind the scenes in tonight’s backstage report:

On the songs picks:

Seemingly one of the biggest issues the top three contestants faced tonight was unfamiliarity with the songs that were chosen for them. In fact, Angie Miller admitted having only a casual knowledge of one of her three songs. “I knew [Pink’s] ‘Try’ a little bit just from hearing it on the radio, but Elton John I had no idea and the Emeli Sande I didn’t hear before,” she says. But despite being “freaked out” when they weren’t able to choose their own songs, she admits, “I really liked my song choices which was really good because I thought I was going to hate them all.”

Candice Glover, meanwhile, was also unfamiliar with some of her choices, namely U2’s “One” and “Somewhere” from West Side Story. The latter, however, ended up earning her high praise from the judges. Randy Jackson even said it ranked among the best vocals the show has ever seen. “I definitely connected to it,” she said.

And while two song choices made for Kree Harrison were somewhat panned by the judges, particularly the producers’ pick of “Better Dig Two” by the Band Perry, she said “I literally was like ‘I’m just going to have fun with this and see what happens.'” Harrison, however, gave kudos to the judges for making her favorite song choice of the night. “I don’t know what made it different, but I think they understand [that] I’m not anything but country,” she said. “That means the world to me because a lot of people do get confused. I will sing Aretha Franklin and whatever but I am a country singer.”


Did you cry during last night’s American Idol? You weren’t alone! But at least you didn’t have to sing a song in front of millions of people after being reduced to a sobby mess. And yes, it was as hard to do as you might imagine.

“I’m on the stage waiting to perform while I’m watching that , so I’m crying and the camera man [was] trying to come and make funny faces in front of me so I won’t cry,” Glover recounted. “I think after seeing your hometown visit, that just gives you the boost that you need because all those people at home want you do to a good job, and they’re supporting you.”

Harrison’s method for dealing with the emotions? Ignore the video! “I was in there like, la-la-la-la-la,” she said, plugging her ears for effect. “This whole week has been an emotional roller coaster. It really has been.”

Angie on Miley Cyrus comparisons:

“I get that every day of my life. I’m not kidding — every day, so many times,” says Miller, who tonight was compared to the teen queen by Nicki Minaj. “I’m very used to that so when she said that I was, like, ‘Okay. I was expecting that at some point in the competition.'”

But Miller wasted no time admitting that she was once a fan of the former Hannah Montana star. “I actually had [a blond wig] once as a joke. I wore it once. I think it was for Halloween or something.” Just don’t look for Miller’s imitations to go any further than that. “I’m not going to cut my hair and bleach it any time soon.”


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