Joss the Boss would like to clear something up.

Since the massive opening weekend release of Iron Man 3, there have been several reports surfacing around the web about the salaries of the talent behind Marvel's movies. In a post on, Joss Whedon cleared up one rumor: "I'm not getting $100 mil[lion] on Avengers 2," he wrote in a comment that his reps confirm is indeed Whedon-penned (or Whedon-typed, as it were).

The Avengers director continued, "I'm not making Downey money. I'm making A LOT, which is exciting. I'm not pretending to be a poor farmer, an Everyman, an ANYman. But that number is nuts."

Last summer, The Avengers quickly soared to box-office glory, ultimately earning over $1.5 billion worldwide, becoming the third-highest grossing film of all time. That "Downey money" Whedon referred to is Robert Downey Jr.'s reported $50 million paycheck for Avengers, a figure the actor recently confirmed in a GQ article.

The Buffy creator went on to "dispute" a few other "facts" with his characteristically dry humor. So for the record,  Whedon did not eat a unicorn (which, we would like to point out, also means we can safely assume Whedon is not Voldemort).

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