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Now that the Divergent sequel Insurgent has found its screenwriter — Jane Got a Gun scribe Brian Duffield — it’s time we start talking about what we hope to see in the film. (Even though Divergent — which stars Shailene Woodley and Kate Winslet — is currently in production and won’t be released until next March, it’s never too early for these discussions, right?)

Much like Divergent, it seems like Insurgent was designed to be a movie: with big action sequences and many different original locations your imagination has probably already created a perfect dystopian Chicago for you to think about. Note to Duffield: below are five scenes we already can’t wait to check out in the film version of Insurgent. [Obvious spoiler alert if you haven’t yet read the book!]

Meeting Four’s Mother: It’s nerve-wracking enough meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time. Since she’s already not a fan of his abusive father, meeting Four’s back-from-the-dead mother, Evelyn — along with the rest of the Factionless — will be a great moment in Tris’ story. It’s also one of the first truly shocking revelations of the book.

Four and Tris together at Amity headquarters: It’s time to get all PG-13 up in this YA adaptation. On the run after the events of Divergent, Four and Tris find themselves together in a safety house of sorts in the Amity compound. They’ve both got a lot of emotional confessing to do…or they could bury their troubles and just make out a little bit. They pick that option. This is a good a time to mention that I hope this twosome, and their unique, surprisingly grown up relationship, translates well on the big screen. I like that there aren’t regular “I’ll love you forever” Romeo & Juliet-esque declarations on every other page. Let’s keep it that way for the movie.

The attack led by Eric: One of the most heart-pounding parts of the book is towards the beginning of the novel, when the Candor faction is attacked by Eric and other Dauntless traitors. Tris helps some people escape, and then goes to look for more of the Divergent among them. I hope the movie accurately shows the tense and thrilling scene where Tris, with help from a knife, confronts Eric and shows him that underestimating her is always a near-fatal mistake.

Scary Simulation: We’ll get to see people affected by the simulation in Divergent, but I’m looking forward to (and ready to be chilled to my core by) what Duffield and Co. decided to do with chapter 26, when Marlene and Hector are under the simulation and attempt to jump off the roof to their death. It’s a big turning point in the novel for Tris, who decides then and there that no one else will be dying because of her. Which leads to…

The interrogation with Jeannie: Admit it: The second you heard Kate Winslet was cast your mind jumped to Tris and Jeannie’s showdown. Once Tris goes to Erudite headquarters to find Jeannie, I can’t wait to see the two do mental battle with each other. They’ll be more simulations, sure, — and the ender with Tori will be spectacular — but I can’t wait for the back and forth between a scared-but-brave young woman and the woman obsessed with figuring her — and the other Divergent — out. You know Winslet is going to crush it.

What moments are you looking forward to seeing on the big screen?

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