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The All-American Girl has got a new all-American job. Carrie Underwood will take over the Sunday Night Football theme song, the program announced yesterday. Replacing Faith Hill, who performed “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” for the past six years, Underwood will debut her intro Sept. 8. when the new season kicks off.

Talking with EW today, Sunday Night Football producer Fred Gaudelli says that Underwood was an obvious choice. “Carrie appeals to both men and women,” Gaudelli said. “Obviously we’re the number one rated show on television. We’re number one in the men demographic but we’re number two in the female demographic. Just as Faith was, Carrie comes with a sterling reputation and is just very, very likable. The important things are she’s a dynamic performer that sells a ton of records and generates a ton of publicity, all of it positive. She’s a great, great performer….One of the other things is we consider Sunday Night Football family viewing and I think she’s got that All-American Girl persona. What’s that [lyric]? ‘Wonderful, beautiful perfect all-American girl.’ That’s her.”

While Underwood’s opener will contain the same lyrics as Hill’s, Gaudelli says there will be a different spin on the tune. “I’m going to Nashville to work with her producer on Friday to do an arrangement of the song,” Gaudelli said. “It’s going to be arranged entirely differently, sung in a different key…If we want to go a little bit more pop-y with it we can and I think we will.”

If they need collaborators, Jane Lynch might have an idea or two.

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