By Sarah Caldwell
May 07, 2013 at 08:24 PM EDT

Rapper Riff Raff appears on the latest episode of One Life to Live, which now lives on Hulu, playing an art dealer named Jamie Franko. For a quick backstory, Riff Raff thinks that James Franco basically got all his inspiration for his role of Alien in Spring Breakers from him, isn’t super happy about it. Franco wrote an essay about how Dangeruss was one of his main inspirations for the role, also says it was inspired by a lot of people. Somehow, Jamie Franko has become the bizarre next chapter of this story.

James Franco played an artist named Franco on General Hospital, but it’s unclear if Riff Raff is channeling any of that for this performance. This is either a pretty surface-level burn or so deep no one will ever understand it.

It’s still entertaining though. Do we think he was given a script or just told to go for it? Either way, here are some of the best things he says (transcribed, as best as we could):

1.“I came to get my monies…need my fettuccines”

2. “Oh that’s so good for me right now. It’s like nutrition in my body.” — Two girls are kissing when he says this. Apparently OLTL really takes advantage of what you can do online.

3. “Honey would you mind taking that on to that granite table over there with the marble slab? Honey, would you watch her to make sure she don’t fall and stumble down them tumbleweeds out there. Lot of tumbleweeds.”

4. “Didn’t the pretty little mermaid right here give you the message I sent you in the bottle?” That message: if I can sleep with her, you don’t have to pay off your debt. There was no bottle.

Here’s the full episode, you’ll find his scenes easily enough by looking for the club lighting:

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