In a tough situation — in this case, the incredible rescue last night in Cleveland of Amanda Berry, Georgina “Gina” DeJesus and Michele Knight after a decade in captivity — it’s no wonder people are looking for bright spots. And the Internet has quickly decided that one giant bright spot is local hero and neighbor Charles Ramsey, who heard Berry’s cries for help and busted open a door to help get her out, then called 911. Ramsey’s high-energy (but NSFW) interview with a local news reporter recounting the incident quickly went viral (and continues to be a top trending topic on Twitter). Now — as is inevitable in this meme-tastic age — autotune song versions of the spirited Q&A are cropping up on YouTube.

Check out some of the remixes of the interview below. Gregory Brothers, we’re still waiting for your take.

What do we think the timeframe is until Ramsey gets free McDonald’s for life/appearances on the morning programs/a reality show?

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