Rihanna 777
Credit: Meredith Truax/Fox

Last November, Rihanna invited dozens of journalists on her 777 tour, consisting of seven concerts in seven countries in seven days, via a 777 aircraft. (It’s all so cleverly packaged, right?) Headlines during the extravaganza deemed the trip a “fiasco,” with the press complaining that Rihanna was unavailable and they were tired. (Boo-hoo!) (Rihanna eventually apologized for the madness.)

Not shockingly, this one-hour special about the whole shebang is less interesting than those on-the-scene reports. It doesn’t capture much of the supposed insanity that ensued on the plane — which would be the only reason to watch — and calling it a documentary is a bigger stretch than saying Rihanna is the voice of her generation. More than anything, Rihanna 777 serves as a promotional vehicle for the pop star’s recent album and her current tour. So: Fans will probably gobble it all up. Platitudes from all involved abound from beginning to end: “I know this is going to be an experience of a lifetime,” Rihanna says a few minutes into the hour. “It’s gonna be unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.” Lots of the talk focuses on how “grueling” the whole thing was for Rihanna and the press, but what did folks honestly expect? It was seven days on a plane. One hour on a plane is uncomfortable.

The highlights include seeing Rihanna perform occasionally — the special includes at least a snippet from each of the seven shows, proving that this would be better as just a concert documentary or special. Bless that extremely cute, streaking Australian on the plane near the end, or there’d be little reason to tune in. D+

Rihanna 777 airs tonight on Fox at 8 p.m. ET/PT

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