By Hillary Busis
August 04, 2017 at 12:16 PM EDT

When Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island crew left Saturday Night Live at the end of last season, the show lost one of its greatest resources — not only because the gang’s Digital Shorts were precisely engineered to go viral, but also because the guys’ specific brand of whimsical goofiness was so completely, delightfully different from the talk show parodies and fake game show sketches that SNL often relies upon.

Thankfully, this week’s host happens to be both a big-name actor and a master of whimsical goofiness  — and if Zach Galifianakis’s third hosting stint is anything like his first two, it’ll definitely be worth staying up to watch.

The Hangover star’s specific brand of absurdity isn’t for everyone, and even those who enjoy it will admit that his nonsequiturs and hairy manchild act don’t always land. But when Galifianakis’s material does hit, it’s magical — and it’s just the sort of thing that could inspire SNL‘s writers to go the extra mile, forgoing easy jokes for ones that are weirder and funnier. Plus, after a week in which Vince Vaughn tried and failed to recapture some of his old spark, it’ll be nice to see a comedian who’s still at the top of his game command the stage.

Galifianakis will be joined by Of Monsters and Men, the folky Icelandic group behind that one song that sounds just like that one Lumineers song, and that one Mumford & Sons song, and that one Philip Phillips song. (Of the musical acts I just mentioned, two out of three have appeared on SNL this season. Coincidence?) But hey, it’s a good song nonetheless, and I’m also looking forward to the Monsters showing that they’ve got more than one hit to their name.

What are you most hoping to see on SNL this week? How do you think the show will handle the continuing saga of the Boston Marathon bombers? Might Ellen Degeneres stop by to team up with Kate McKinnon again? And are you expecting Galifianakis to have a full-on psychotic breakdown during his monologue, or dress up in another silly costume, or maybe go ahead and just straight-up shave onstage? (Backstage shaving has been a hallmark of both his past SNL hosting stints.) Talk it out in the comments, and check back in the morning for my full recap.

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