Myrtle Manor

TLC is renewing freshman reality series Welcome to Myrtle Manor for a second season, EW can exclusively report. But after three members were arrested during the past week, it’s unclear if the whole crew will return.

Welcome to Myrtle Manor follows the adventures of a group of South Carolina trailer park residents and has averaged 1.1 million viewers this season. TLC has picked up 10 more episodes from producers The Weinstein Company and Jupiter Entertainment.

Yet over a three-day period last week, a trio of cast members were locked up, and each for separate incidents. Amanda Lee Adams was arrested early last Friday for drunk driving after slamming her Jeep into a pole (and reportedly said, “My daddy’s gonna hate me”). Then Taylor Jonathan Burt was accused of having sexual relations with 16-year-old girl on Saturday. And then Lindsay Brooke Colbert was arrested for a DUI on early Sunday (while reportedly asking, “Are you just giving me [a hard time] cause I am on the show?”). None of the arrests occurred while the show was filming.

Myrtle Manor is considered a member of the popular cable reality “hixpolitation” genre, which is led by A&E’s Duck Dynasty and TLC’s own Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Another freshman entry this year, MTV‘s Buckwild, was shelved after an accident claimed the life of a cast member. A TLC rep says the network can’t yet say for sure which Myrtle Manor cast members will be back for next season, only that the show will return.

The Welcome to Myrtle Manor first season finale airs this Sunday on TLC.