Reaction to our Summer Movie Preview issue, praise for our essay on the passing of Roger Ebert, and more

By EW Staff
Updated May 03, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT

Man of Steel

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Dino Might

Thank you, EW, for giving us Jurassic Park fans an oral history from the cast and crew (#1254). JP‘s rerelease on the big screen brought out the 6-year-old in me. And yes, I still have a crush on Joe Mazzello.

Jennifer Galindo

Garden City, Mich.

Yesterday’s News

In The Final Cut, Mark Harris asks, ”Who Will Replace Matt Lauer?” I was once an avid Today watcher but have recently given up on the whole tired operation. It’s not a case of conflicting personalities — it’s the terrible stories that masquerade as news in the first hour. In an age of health-care reform, North Korean aggression, and rising education costs, GMA actually offers news, and that’s what I watch.

Jean Wendland

North Royalton, Ohio

Justice Seeker

Our heroes change as we need them to change. Yet I hope that Superman will always fly high with the same steady virtues (Summer Movie Preview, #1255/1256). The world already has plenty of gritty vigilantes and antiheroes.

Brian Deever

Columbus, Ohio

A Champion of Cinema

Two big thumbs up for Jason Reitman’s essay on the passing of Roger Ebert (Monitor). The critic was truly a legend, and though the balcony is closed, I will forever remember him as the voice of the movies. Thanks for devoting a page to his memory in a very busy Summer Movie Preview.

David Volovick

Woburn, Mass.

Spoils System

Dalton Ross’ column about spoilers was spot-on (The Glutton). When I have to DVR a show and I know spoilers will be popping up, I avoid Facebook and Twitter like the plague. I sympathize with those on the West Coast who have to deal with East Coast spoilsports, but if you’re a season behind and don’t like spoilers, do a weekend marathon and catch up.

Danielle Fornes

Traverse City, Mich.


Phoenix won the 2009 Best Alternative Music Album Grammy for Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (#1254). Clara Paget plays Anne on Starz’s Black Sails— (First Look, #1255/1256).

Super Blooper

Our Man of Steel cover story had an error noticed by a lot of fans: We said that Superman reversed the spin of the earth and went back in time during the climax of Superman II, when it actually happened in Superman. The sequence was intended to cap off the second movie. The 2006 DVD/Blu-ray recut of Superman II, overseen by director Richard Donner (who was shooting both films simultaneously but was fired before the second one could be completed), restored the scene for its climax. Now, if all the people who wrote us about the confusion would join together and push the globe in the other direction, we could go back and clarify before publication.

Scandal‘s Fangirl

One of the show’s gladiators nearly fainted when she saw our spread of Fitz and Olivia on a fainting couch. So she took to the Web to express her love.

Tangela Ekhoff of Owasso, Okla., doesn’t just watch Scandal — she tweets about it, talks about it, and makes YouTube videos recapping it. ”Yes, it’s an addiction, it’s ridiculous,” says the ”sit-down comic,” who documented her (very giddy) reaction to our recent Scandal cover with a five-minute video. She was ”immediately hooked” on ABC’s political soap. ”I watched it because I wanted to see Kerry Washington, and I’ve had this huge crush on Tony Goldwyn since Ghost…. It’s color-blind casting, it’s politics, it’s fast-paced. It blows your head off every single week.”

But it wasn’t until season 2 that Ekhoff became part of Scandal‘s ever-louder social-media buzz, tweeting with the cast and crew as well as her more than 3,000 followers. ”[The cast and crew] answer our questions, participate in the discussions, laugh with us, play with us,” she says. ”It’s the greatest TV experience in the world, hands down.” —Adam Carlson

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