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Will Caroline be the one to finally convince Elena to turn her humanity back on? On tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, the former Miss Mystic Falls convinces Stefan to let her talk to her prom-dress stealing bff (watch the clip below). “She feels like because of the connection she has with Elena, she can talk one-on-one and bring out the best of their friendship again,” says Candice Accola, who explains that Caroline has grown accustomed to being the saving grace for a lot of people in her life. “She’s like ‘I’m kind of the Oprah in this situation,’ like, ‘I got this guys.'”

That’s not to say everything will go smoothly however. “Caroline’s main focus tonight is doing what she can to help Elena bring out her humanity, but in doing that some things arise,” hints Accola. Keep reading below to find out what Accola has to say about The Originals baby twist, the possibility of Stefan and Caroline becoming more than friends and more…

On Klaus as a father: Fans might be divided about the Originals baby twist, but Accola is totally on board. “I thought that Klaus finding out that he was going to be a father was really smart,” she says. “That’s the most human thing that can ever be done. It feeds into the storyline of The Originals. They have had such a strong want and need for family and even with Rebekah, she wants to start a family, she wants to have a family, and this is kind of the first time they’re actually going to be able to have that be a reality.”

But will Caroline feel as supportive? Accola says it remains to be seen. “I can say as season 4 comes to a close she doesn’t find out [about the baby],” says Accola. “She doesn’t know why Klaus is gone or why he’s left.”

On Caroline and Stefan: Accola says the duo — who recently shared a poignant dance at prom — are just friends (for now). “Caroline is like a new Lexi in Stefan’s life,” says Accola, who explains that Elena’s troubles have brought them closer. “I think that they find solace in each other because they’re almost grieving a friend.”

On Caroline and Tyler: Caroline’s main priority this season has been to get Klaus out of the picture so Tyler could return to Mystic Falls. So, does she get her wish? “I think time will tell if she gets what she wants and if it’s actually what she needs,” teases the actress, who says she doesn’t think we’ve seen the last of Tyler.

On Caroline and Elena’s friendship: Candice says that if/when Elena decides to turn her humanity back on, Caroline will have to try and reconnect with her. “Sometimes when someone has gone through a traumatic occurrence in their lives they’re just not the same person,” says Accola. “I assume that if Elena did turn her humanity back on, she’d still have to get her sea legs back. She’d still have to discover who she is and I think that would be hard for Caroline.”

On college: Accola says there’s an “ocean of possibility” ahead for some of the soon-to-be high-school graduates. “There’s an opening up of opportunities and an opening up of doors with these characters going to college next year and meeting new people and meeting new friends,” she says. And let’s not forget new love interests!

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