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The Wolverine star Hugh Jackman held a Twitter video chat today to answer fans questions about the upcoming film, in which the one-time Sexiest Man Alive talked about everything from getting into shape to working on X-Men: Days of Future Past. Here’s what you missed (complete with his killer facial hair and always-amazing accent):

What he loves about the character: Hugh considers Wolverine to be “the most badass character out here” and claims he is “way cooler than me.” After all, what could be more fun than “playing the toughest guy in the yard?”

His workout regimen: Hugh works out three hours a day to get into Wolverine shape, but advises that “70 percent of how you look is how you eat.”

The Japan factor: The movie, shot in Japan, has an “atmosphere very different from any other X-Men movie. Jackman describes it was an “enigmatic, mysterious and fascinating world.”

A new side to Wolverine: “In this movie we really concentrate on his immortality and the implications of that and what the future means for someone like Wolverine.”

If he could live forever: When asked if he would like immortality, Jackman says, “I don’t know many people who wouldn’t. If I was Wolverine I’d probably have second thoughts. Life is not easy for him.” And this new film will present the question, “Is it a good thing to life a long life if you’re living with a lot of pain and regret or is it a burden?”

“There are new mutants.”

Most exciting scene: “Two words: bullet train.”

Being Wolverine off camera: “I use it occasionally” to do things like “get a seat on the subway.” But after 12 years, he can turn it off. “I don’t know if I’d be very welcome at home if I was just scowling and calling everyone ‘bub.'”

X-Men: Days of Future Past: “Pretty much all the old X-Men are back.” Jackman adds, “The really exciting thing beyond that is the new characters.”

What excites you the most about seeing The Wolverine, which hits theaters July 26?

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