….AGAIN! Has your ranking changed since last week?

Despite the judges’ manipulative efforts to convince viewers Amber Holcomb is both a “current. hot. NOW.” superstar and their new best friend, she still landed in the bottom two along with Candice Glover. Will top-two vote-getters Kree Harrison and Angie Miller suffer from fans assuming they’re safe?

My Power List is below — leave your own in the comments….

4. Amber Holcomb The judges played her up way too much last week, and that’s gotta be turning people off. Plus, she’s landed in the bottom two most often out of the four.

3. Kree Harrison She’s never been a particularly engaging TV star, but Kree always has beautiful vocals. I just think her “good as usual” performances could get overshadowed by a showstopper from…

2. Candice Glover Once the clear frontrunner, she suffered from the judges pigeonholing her as “the church girl” and “old-fashioned.” Here’s hoping last week’s bottom-two surprise will motivate her fans to snap out of it and vote.

1. Angie Miller Viewers may be annoyed that the judges were pushing the “more marketable” Amber and Angie hard last week, but the truth is Angie just goes down easier. She’s more clearly connected to the music, her songwriting skills lend her some credibility, and she’s now the only one who hasn’t been in the bottom two.

Your turn!

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