By Clark Collis
Updated May 01, 2013 at 06:04 PM EDT
Aftershock Eli Roth

Big screen horror overlord Eli Roth has been comparatively quiet over the past couple of years. But the writer-director-actor now seems to be spreading through pop culture like a particularly virulent, flesh-eating virus (a simile I imagine the man who brought us Cabin Fever would not complain about).

Roth recently shepherded the Netflix show Hemlock Grove to the small screen and is currently finishing up his insane-sounding, Amazon forest-shot horror movie The Green Inferno while also producing The Sacrament, the latest from much-tipped House of the Devil director Ti West.

Then there’s filmmaker Nicolás López’s Aftershock, a Chile-set earthquake movie which Roth both cowrote and appears in alongside Andrea Osvárt, Ariel Levy, and one Selena Gomez. The film is released May 10 but those with a strong stomach can check out the new, mayhem-filled, red band trailer below. Take and look and — after you’ve recovered from the shock — tell us what you think.

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