By Hillary Busis
April 30, 2013 at 04:09 PM EDT
K.C. Bailey
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K.C. Bailey

Spotted: A floppy-haired actor biting the glamorous hand that fed him.

Penn Badgley always seemed like the most intellectual member of Gossip Girl‘s cast — perhaps because of his preternaturally deep voice, or the way he held up a “Bring Back the Glass-Steagall Act” sign at Occupy Wall Street in the fall of 2011, or because his chief competitors for that title are people like Chase Crawford and Taylor Momsen. And given this, it’s not totally surprising that Badgley secretly felt like a show that hinged on faked deaths and dowries — dowries! In the year 2012! — was sort of beneath him.

It is, however, a little surprising that Badgley would be so frank about those feelings when talking to a reporter.  The actor recently spoke with Salon about Greetings from Tim Buckley, a Jeff Buckley biopic that played at New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival this month. Badgley told the site that he believes the movie will “have just as much emotional resonance” ten years from now as it does today, which differentiates it from Badgley’s other work.

Specifically: “To be proud of something is a really nice feeling,” he said. “And it’s a new feeling, and it’s something that I wanna keep going with. I can walk a little taller feeling that I don’t have to be constantly apologizing for the work that I’ve done in the past.”

Yipes. While Badgley doesn’t specifically call Gossip Girl out by name, he is certainly including it among the work he feels like he has to “apologize for” — along with less than Oscar-worthy fare like John Tucker Must Die, 2009’s The Stepfather remake, and Easy A (which was actually a pretty great teen movie).

But wait — does this also mean that Badgley never felt proud of Margin Call? And if so, is that just because he’s embarrassed about having no idea what the Glass-Steagall Act actually is?

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