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Divergent superfans, this one is for you. At the beginning of setting up this dystopian adventure, readers learn that all the people living in this world are sorted into five different factions when they come of age. An aptitude test helps place them, but the final decision is theirs (sounds wonderfully familiar, right?). While Beatrice, Caleb and all the rest had a tough decision to make, we got to thinking about where some Hollywood celebs would find themselves if they suddenly woke up in this world. Here are our best guesses for Jennifer Lawrence (Honest!), Lady Gaga (Brave!) and more.

Abnegation (the Selfless)

Angelina Jolie: Sure, she’s got her detractors, but she’s still one of Hollwood’s most famous do-gooders. The actress has traveled to Cambodia, Sierra Leone and many, many other places to speak and help with her main cause: refugees. She’s even a Goodwill Ambassador who has none other than Hillary Clinton as an admirer.

Oprah Winfrey: The mogul may be known for her couch confessionals, but she’s also known as someone who gives back – and not just during Oprah’s Favorite Things. It’s such a part of who she is that she has a whole company – the Angel Network – devoted to finding worthy people and causes.

America Ferrera: The actress has been in many projects that champion social issues. In addition to roles in Real Women Have Curves and How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer, Ferrera has lent her voice to the PBS documentary Half the Sky, and is regularly involved with Vote Latino.

Amity (the Peaceful)

Alicia Silverstone: Everyone’s favorite Clueless gal pal is also way involved with animal rights and environmental protection. The vegan and PETA member has even published a book called The Kind Diet.

Drew Barrymore: The former wild child has transformed into a valley girl hippie promoting peace and love.

Olivia Wilde: The actress is the co-founder of the Academy for Peace and Justice, the first free secondary school in Haiti. In addition to being a board member of Artists for Peace and Justice and is involved with the ACLU of Southern California.

Dauntless (the Brave)

Lady Gaga: The Born This Way star isn’t always perfect, but in her relatively short time as a superstar, the singer has made herself a favorite of the Human Rights Campaign and parlayed her intense relationship with her fans into community support in the form of the Born to be Brave bus and her Born This Way Foundation, which she launched last year alongside her mother. She’s also done personally brave actions, like uploading photos – self-described flaws and all – to encourage body acceptance.

Ellen DeGeneres: Coming out on the cover of Time in 1997 was no small feat. DeGeneres risked losing fans and her career, but happily, the brave lady’s decision paid off, and she went on to have even more success as the host of her own long-running daytime talk show. What would fans do without a mid-afternoon daily dance party?

Lena Dunham: She made her choices voluntarily, but the Girls creator still deserves some kudos for what she’s done with her alter ego Hannah. Whether Dunham is showing an unflinching look at mental illness or exploring some of the darker aspects of sexuality, the program she’s written has been a catalyst that has got everyone talking, thinking and tweeting.

Candor (the Honest)

Russell Brand: It’s easy to scoff at the former Mr. Katy Perry’s exploits. But beneath the R-rated exterior is a man whose no-holds-barred honesty –particularly in his drug memoir My Booky Wook and its sequel – has won him legions of fans. The same “truth to power” theme is evident whenever he pens a newspaper column – like this viral piece about the death of Margaret Thatcher.

Taylor Swift: Love her or hate her, Swift’s diary-like confessional songwriting has kept her in the center of pop culture the last couple of years. Harry Styles, John Mayer et al. may want to change the radio channel, but many of the rest of us love decoding her album note secret messages or re-watching her dish-y Saturday Night Live monologue.

Jennifer Lawrence: The Oscar winner has been anointed with honorary BFF status among so many of her fans for her seemingly real girl charm. Whether she was jokingly thanking Harvey Weinstein for “whoever he had to kill” to get her a Golden Globe, or discussing her reservations about fame with EW, fans tend to trust they are getting the authentic her.

Erudite (the Intelligent)

Natalie Portman: The Harvard grad got a degree in Psychology before she went on to win an Oscar for Black Swan. Plus, she smart enough to know that something like this (NSFW) is always a great idea.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: They’re such mainstays in the joke-y late-night game that it’s easy to forget exactly how much real work they are doing. They may both profess to be “just comedians” but the duos’ take on the news and incompetence of the day is responsible both for making larger political points and motivating young Americans to change.

Emma Watson: The girl has got sky-high test scores, and still chose to attend college despite a promising acting career. Hermione Granger would be proud.

As for the Divergent like Tris? Our money is on the not-so-secretly awesome Emma Stone or Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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