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Closing Arguments

If you haven’t yet watched the season 4 finale of The Good Wife, STOP READING NOW! Our full recap is in the works, but in the meantime check out our chat with Matt Czuchry—who plays Lockhart/Gardner lawyer Cary Agos—as he talks about his pivotal role in the episode cliff-hanger, his relationship with Kalinda, and more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I can’t believe Alicia agreed to join Cary at his new firm!

MATT CZUCHRY: They’ve been laying the groundwork, but I don’t think the majority of people thought [it would happen]. I think that most people thought that Cary wouldn’t even leave, but if anyone left it would just be Cary. I don’t think many people thought Cary and Alicia were going to follow through with that.

Cary and Alicia have obviously had a lot of animosity over the course of the series. What do you think convinces her to leave Lockhart/Gardner to work with Cary?

Part of the fun of Alicia and Cary going off to do their own firm is because of that relationship, because of their history, because they were competitors when Cary went to the State’s Attorneys office. We’ve seen that kind of grow into a friendship and collaboration. I think that’s going to be part of the fun of seeing these two characters—who have a rich history of being very competitive—trying to make it on their own. And I think how Cary convinces he is that he really believes they are the new Will and Diane.

What exactly makes Cary and Alicia the new Will and Diane?

Cary feels that Will and Diane have lost their way. For example, Lemond Bishop is one of their clients. He was originally only supposed to be their legitimate business, and now they represent their full drug businesses…. The whole thing with the partnership is obviously very specific to Cary because they offered the partnership and pulled it out from underneath him. In the “Red Team/Blue Team” episode, we saw Alicia and Cary successfully go up against Will and Diane, and that’s why he makes that comment that they are the new Will and Diane. That resonates with Alicia because she also feels they have lost their way a little bit.

Where do things stand with Cary and Kalinda now that she’s turned down his offer to join him at the new firm?

It’s not quite as clear that she turned down the offer…. Kalinda and Cary have always had a history of will they or won’t they. They’ve always had a history of mixing the personal and professional throughout all four seasons. With the second half of season 4, they were on the same page in terms of personally and professionally. That’s why you saw their personal relationship escalate. They both felt slighted by who they were working for, and they felt a common bond in that area. At the end of season 4 their not on the same page personally and professionally, but I think they always find a way back to each other.

Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) ends up playing a pivotal role in convincing Alicia to agree to leave Lockhart/Gardner. Cary and Sweeney haven’t had many scenes together, so what was it like working with him?

It was really fun for me because I have been an audience member just like everybody else enjoying his work as that character. It’s really special to watch. And then to work with him was another level of fun and enjoyment for me just because what’s so great about Dylan and that character is that he’s so free and so fun. It’s very powerful to see a performance of something that’s so wrong he kind of makes so right.

As a fan of the show, who do you hope Alicia ends up with: Peter or Will?

We did a panel [for] season 1 or season 2, and I said that there were going to be shirts and coffee cups that said “Team Will” and “Team Peter.” I think that was my idea and CBS ran with it. Truly I think I said that! [Laughs] I guess the cop-out answer is that’s part of the fun to go Team Will and Team Peter and have people debate over it. I will say that I think what makes that successful is there’s a piece of each of them that’s right for her. I love seeing Peter as a changed man. I love seeing Will and Alicia together because they have such a strong history because they went to college together. I really think what makes that storyline successful, the answer is that I like pieces of both. I think Alicia does too, and that’s why she finds it so difficult. It’s really hard to choose because there are reasons to like her with Peter and there are reasons to like her with Will, both.

What do you hope fans take away from the episode?

I think it’s a great way to end season 4. Hopefully over the summer people will stay excited about the show because of asking that question: What does Florrick, Agos & Associates look like? I think everybody is very opinionated about that and will come up with their own way that they want it to look. It’s a giant risk for the show, and I think it’s extremely rewarding because people are going to be wondering what does this new firm look like. All we’ve ever seen is Lockhart/Gardner. I think that this changes the show in a very, very big way. Hopefully people are having that “I can’t believe they did that” kind of feeling that makes them crave the beginning of season 5.

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