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Tonight is the highly anticipated season finale of Fox’s The Following and fans are waiting to see if all the major questions will be answered. Will Ryan (Kevin Bacon) save both Parker (Annie Parisse) and Claire (Natalie Zea)? Will he catch and/or kill Joe Carroll (James Purefoy)? Is Weston (Shawn Ashmore) secretly a bad guy? EW talked to The Following‘s mastermind Kevin Williamson about tonight’s can’t-miss season finale.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So what can you say about the episode, fittingly called “The Final Chapter.”

KEVIN WILLIAMSON: It really does continue Joe Carroll’s descent into madness. Basically, in the pilot, Joe said they were going to write a book together. Now he’s declared there’s going to be a rewrite and Claire is going to die. Is he going to allow an opportunity for the hero to save the leading lady? Or is it going to be a case like the pilot episode where he’s going to let Hardy discover her body or witness her death? In the finale, it really is about Joe Carroll luring Ryan to their final confrontation so that the final chapter can play out live. Can Ryan save Claire? That’s the final chapter.

I still think Weston is not a good person.

Why would you think that?

He seems too nice! Will this finale set up a new villain?

You’ll see.

How will this set up season two?

There’s definitely some loose threads, some unanswered questions. We do complete the final chapter. There’s a couple cliff-hangers. We’re going to set up next season. We’ll continue the story of Ryan Hardy and yes there will be a new threat in addition to the dangling threads. The story continues but in a new way. To say anymore, just ruins anything.

Will there be major deaths tonight?

Yes. People live, people die.

Kevin Bacon told me he got emotional when he read it.

It’s scary. It’s emotional. Kevin and James are just a revelation in their scenes together. Their chemistry really comes through in a big way in the finale.

Is the finale bloody?

No more than normal. It moves like lightning. It’s very fast paced. There are some shocking, emotional moments. There are a couple of scary moments.

I loved [finales] as a kid. Every season of Knot’s Landing had the best finales. I love finales so I really put my heart and soul into them and try to make them special because I know that’s what I want to see as a viewer.

So Following viewers will appreciate this?

If you’re a fan of the show, I made this episode for them. It’s a little twisty. It’s a little crazy. I’m trying to resolve it but at the same time there’s so much more of the story to come.

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