By EW Staff
Updated April 29, 2013 at 05:35 PM EDT
Credit: David McClister

Add “building a local fan base” to the list of Things They Do Bigger in Texas.

The Randy Rogers Band may not be as widely known outside their native state as many Nashville-based stars are, but they’re so huge within it that their last two albums debuted at the no. 1 spot on iTunes’ country chart, and at no. 3 and no. 2 respectively on the Billboard US Country chart.

The quintet returns April 30 with their sixth studio album, Trouble, tomorrow (fans who preorder it here get an autographed disc as well as a digital copy), and you can hear the song exclusively here:

You can also see the band live this week on the following dates:

Tuesday – 4/30

Hurricane Harry’s – College Station, TX

Wednesday – 5/1

Rev Music Room – Little Rock, AR

Thursday – 5/2

Billy Bob’s Texas – Fort Worth, TX

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