By James Hibberd
April 29, 2013 at 05:18 PM EDT

The finales are coming! The finales are coming! Last night CBS’ The Good Wife closed its fourth season on the network with a typically modest performance.

Good Wife was up 7 percent from last week, yet down 6 percent from last season’s finale. It’s already earned a renewal, however, so it’s safe for another year.

The same can’t be said for ABC’s Red Widow, down a whopping 42 percent from its last original episode five weeks ago for a series low. Once Upon a Time also crept down to a series low last night. Of all the soft drama performances on Sunday night, this is the show that concerns me the most. Good Wife and ABC’s Revenge were never really full-fledged hits anyway. And CBS’ The Mentalist is getting long in the tooth. But Once Upon was a super strong show last year and this is only its second season. What happened?

That left Fox’s Family Guy to lead the night among adults 18-49. Here’s your full chart, below, and click here for EW’s season finale calendar.

FOX 7:00P SIMPSONS RS #14 0.9 2,098
7:30P CLEVELAND #13 1.2 2,634
8:00P SIMPSONS #3t 2.0 4,484
8:30P BOBS BURGERS #6t 1.7 3,486
9:00P FAMILY GUY #1 2.5 4,898
9:30P AMERICAN DAD #5 1.9 3,968
ABC 7-8P AMR-VIDEOS #9t 1.5 6,426
8-9P ONCE-TIME #3t 2.0 7,036
9-10P REVENGE #6t 1.7 5,927
10-11P RED WIDOW #16 0.7 3,517
CBS 7-8P 60 MINUTES #9t 1.5 11,587
8-9P AMAZG RC22 #2 2.3 9,089
9-10P GOOD WIFE #8 1.6 9,010
10-11P MENTALIST #9t 1.5 8,693
NBC 7-9P VOICE R #15 0.8 3,284
9-11P APPRENTICE #9t 1.5 4,987