Just three days after Zach Braff posted his hotly-anticipated-by-someone-apparently Garden State follow-up on Kickstarter, Wish I Was Here has already hit its $2 million fundraising goal. An anxious nation can now rest easy, knowing that Braff will be able to film his tale of a struggling thirtysomething actor who home-schools his kids — while having expensive dream sequences about being a Space-Knight with a Flying Robot-Squire. One particularly deep-pocketed Braff supporter made a $10,000 donation, therefore earning the most prized reward: Being a cast member in Wish I Was Here, which involves speaking a line of dialogue written by Zach Braff. (SPOILER ALERT: The dialogue will be melancholy, but whimsical.)

Braff’s stated goal is to begin filming in August and debut Wish I Was Here at next year’s Sundance Film Festival. So, fair warning, we are T-Minus Nine Months until a new flood of “Is Kickstarter Good For Indie Cinema?” thinkpieces, not to mention a new renaissance in “Hey, Garden State isn’t so bad!” blog posts. Braff has already announced his intention to reunite with Garden State‘s production designer Judy Becker and cinematographer Larry Sher. No word yet on the soundtrack, but presumably it will include lots of gangsta rap.

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