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The Vampire Diaries’ Originals spin-off may not have spurred a spike in the ratings, but it certainly inspired some heated debate. Fans have taken to the comments section of the recap in droves to sound off on some of the more polarizing (surprise pregnancy, anyone?) plot points featured in Thursday night’s backdoor pilot. Now, with the CW announcing a full season pick-up for The Originals, I break down the most pivotal storylines and give you the chance to vote on what you loved (or loathed).

Hayley’s pregnancy: Well, that was quite a twist. As if fans weren’t divided enough about Klaus and Hayley’s recent one-night stand, the Originals pilot stoked even more fervor by revealing that Hayley is now carrying Klaus’ child. (Don’t worry. I’m still processing it, too). Though the shocking reveal could pave the way for some potentially intriguing character development—who doesn’t want to see Klaus changing diapers?—I’m hoping the series will speed through the baby-mama drama. But maybe you’re looking forward to seeing Klaus and Hayley argue about which stroller to buy?

Marcel vs. Klaus: Here’s one thing it looks like fans can agree on: Marcel is awesome. After two years of playing the big bad on The Vampire Diaries, Klaus seems to have finally met his match in his charming, former protégé, who also happens to be the current king of New Orleans. The pilot hints at a brewing turf war between the ex-besties, something that immediately sets it apart from The Vampire Diaries, which is more about the battle for survival than it is about the battle for ground. As Daniel Gillies recently teased, “We’re about to make all these moves to reclaim this kingdom that was lost.” I say, game on! You?

Rebekah: Rebekah didn’t make it to New Orleans in the pilot but now with the series getting greenlit I’m assuming it won’t be long before she hits the road to join her brothers. But should she? Though Rebekah doesn’t have a ton to do on The Vampire Diaries at the moment (unless you count trying to convince everyone that she really, truly is worthy of being a human), the perpetually lonely Original has become a pivotal part of the cast. Also, she’s just fun, and Mystic Falls could always use more of that. Then again, so could The Originals. And if she goes to New Orleans, she might finally find a real love interest. Marcel is totally single, right?

Klaus & Cami: The blonde bartender managed to fend off Marcel and make Klaus cry — and both in one episode! I’ll give her points for bravery, but the verdict is still out on whether or not she has chemistry with Klaus. After all, she’s at a pretty big disadvantage. Klaus and Caroline’s chemistry was immediately apparent the first time they had a full conversation. (In fact, Klaus has more chemistry on a voicemail with Caroline than he does with anyone else we’ve seen him with so far.) That being said, we don’t know for sure that Klaus and Cami will end up romantically involved. But they did bond over a painting, and everybody knows that when you bond over a painting with Klaus you inevitably end up in his heart (see Caroline), or his bed (see Hayley). Which will it be for Cami? Heart? Bed? Or none of the above?

Witchcraft: Witches, witches everywhere. The spell-casters will clearly play a pivotal part in the series, but I think I’m going to need a few more episodes to determine exactly how much I’m going to enjoy that part. (Frankly, the Klaus-Marcel face-off was magic enough for me). That said, Sophie definitely seemed to make an impression on Elijah. Did she (and her witch pals) make one on you too?

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