Once an assassin, always an assassin seems to be the moral of RED 2.

In the second trailer for the sequel to 2010’s successful comedy/action flick RED, Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) and his girlfriend Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) attempt retirement normalcy, which means a trip to Costco. But, how could the ordinary suffice for someone so used to action? “You haven’t killed anybody in months,” Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich) helpfully reminds him. Besides, someone has just framed Frank and Marvin for a Cold War-era plot to get a destructive device into Russia, which has just been reassembled and activated. So, the Retired, Extremely Dangerous gang heads to Russia to consult with the mad scientist (a jovial Anthony Hopkins) who might know how to keep the bomb from going off and taking 11 million lives.

And then, the action and one-liners start. Check out the trailer below to see some shots of Bruce Willis punching people, Helen Mirren casually shooting two guns out of the front two windows of a car in motion, a sultry velvet fedora-wearing (and extremely tan) Catherine Zeta-Jones, and a few exploding toilets.

RED 2 opens nationwide on July 19.

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