Our favorite ''Gilmore Girl'' talks her first novel

By Jessica Shaw
Updated April 26, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Some people are just not content with a day off. When Lauren Graham found herself with a relatively light shooting schedule on NBC’s Parenthood, instead of upping her manicure regimen she decided to write a novel: Someday, Someday, Maybe, a thoroughly charming story about an actress named Franny Banks trying to catch a break in the mid-1990s. We spoke to the 46-year-old star from the set of the upcoming comedy film A Friggin’ Christmas Miracle, with Joel McHale and Robin Williams.

Did you write a novel in your spare time to make the rest of us look lazy? Really?

I wasn’t working every day, so I found a gap creatively of what to do. One of my agents said, ”There’s interest in something coming from you. I’m thinking a memoir or a Gilmore Girls cookbook.” I knew I didn’t want to do that, but I was interested in writing about being an actor, about the beginning versus the reality of it now.

Let’s just settle this once and for all: Are you Franny?

No. But I had a grueling interview a week ago with a guy who just had a list of things that happened in the book and went through them. ”Did this happen to you? Did this happen to you?” For me it would have been one thing if the book was a scandalous tell-all of thinly veiled famous people, but it’s not. Also, no one ever offered me a boob job.

Why set your book in the ’90s?

It’s so interesting to me how communication was a completely different thing back then. As an actor, you had so much actual pounding of the pavement. Now I see producers casting people over the computer. Back then there were always issues with my answering machine and checking it. My mother sent me stuff from our attic, and there was a note that said ”Meet us in Washington Square at 10” that had been shoved in my mailbox. That’s how we communicated. Maybe you got the note, maybe you didn’t.

It took you two years to finish the book. Did you have a writing routine?

Because writing wasn’t my only job, it was hard to have an actual routine. Ideally it was to get up first thing in the morning. I have this program, Word Counter, and I’d set it to 1,000 words and not get up or look up or do anything until it dinged. The Internet is evil, and when I cheated I’d end up with a pantry full of hard-to-find Asian food ingredients, and patio furniture.

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