April 26, 2013 at 05:54 PM EDT

Comedian, podcaster, and very angry man Marc Maron is debuting a new scripted series for IFC which depicts “his day-to-day struggle to maintain relationships other than the ones with his podcast audience and his beloved trio of cats.” It is appropriately entitled Maron, premiering on May 3 — and its first episode (“Dead Possum,” written by veteran sitcom-er Sivert Glarum) is available online, in full, right now.

Maron is revered for his WTF with Marc Maron podcasts, and there’s a little of that here: Denis Leary (who’s exec-producing the series as well) pops up as himself in the garage studio, waxing a bit about the in-born aggression of maleness. Maron’s mother is on-hand for a phone call that feels comfortably comfortable and irritating in a way that’s played for laughs. (Mom is a side-mouthed gossip and a worrywart — the Seinfeld double-hitter.) The theme song is a great strummer. (The score is full of strumming.) There’s a fuss about a possum.

We already know that the season will include appearances by Mark Duplass, Aubrey Plaza, and Jeff Garlin, though none appear here; and Nora Zehetner will play Maron’s girlfriend. Oh, and Josh Brener plays a newly hired, tres eager assistant. He’s prattling, effete, and reflexive, all at once.

Will we see more of a fictionalized WTF? (More!) Didn’t all the man/woman/girl talk sound awfully…sexist? Watch and react — and stay tuned for our full review.

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