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Nolan Ross (played by Gabriel Mann) has had a rough season on Revenge! His greatest and most deadly invention was taken from him, he ceded half of his company to the snake Daniel, and his girlfriend betrayed his trust and then died (probably?). ”I would say one thing about the character’s on Revenge, they’re awfully resilient,” Mann said about how Nolan’s recovering from the Padma shocker.

Still, it’d be great if Nolan could win some time soon. Although the introduction of Fa1c0n (a hacker genius who works for the Graysons and was partially responsible for David Clarke’s imprisonment) may have confused some, it does provide Nolan with a worthy nemesis.

When we asked Mann how he felt about having a new adversary he told us, ”I think the idea [of having a techno equal] is genius, because at a certain point you can just hack into anything and get any piece of information you’re ever looking for. It’s like having Christmas every day kind of. So having some road blocks into that has been really fun.”

In this Sunday’s episode, we finally meet the man behind the silly-coded-Falcon and name with numbers. ”It’s sort of two titans of technology come head-to-head, cage-match.” Mann joked in his best sports announcer voice. ”Two techs enter, one tech leaves. It’s great… I think there’s some potential romance maybe in a situation like that, but we will see how the audience reacts.” Given Nolan’s past relationships, that doesn’t even confirm if the Fa1c0n is male or female.

Mann was shy about giving any more details, but he said he could offer us four words ”Teddy’s Arcade. In Brooklyn.” Finally, when we asked him if the confrontation is going to be sexy he joked, ”It’s sexy in a techie way.”

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