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Falling Skies has drawn in viewers over its first two seasons not only with its ever-morphing alien mythology, delightfully grotesque horror moments, and intense action scenes, but also with its family drama — which will get more complicated in the upcoming season 3 with a new addition to the Mason family: Tom and Anne’s baby.

Playing Dr. Anne Glass, 2nd Mass medic and love interest for Noah Wyle’s Tom Mason, has given actress Moon Bloodgood the chance to flex some of the same action-hero muscles as she did in other sci-fi projects, like Terminator Salvation. But in Falling Skies’ third season, which premieres on TNT on June 9, Anne is not quite so battle-ready since she’s very pregnant. The new season picks up about seven months after the season 2 finale when Anne found out she’s pregnant after the 2nd Mass arrived in Charleston.

Warning: Season 3 spoilers ahead!

As Drew Roy (Hal Mason) revealed at WonderCon last month, Tom and Anne’s baby is a girl. Below, check out one of two EW exclusive photos of the couple with their first daughter, whom Bloodgood says is named Lexi.

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Connor Jessup (Ben Mason) told EW on set last September that the “baby will will grow up in this world, never having known what happened before [the invasion]. It really makes us all consider and ponder the reality of the situation. Even if we do win this in the end, things will never go back to the way they were, and we have to adjust, no matter what. This baby is a symbol of that, good and bad.”

In an instance of life imitating art, Bloodgood herself became pregnant with her first child shortly after getting the script for the season 2 finale. “Boy, you are a method actress, aren’t you?” joked showrunner Remi Aubuchon when he heard the news. Bloodgood gave birth to a daughter, Pepper, in December.

Read on for Bloodgood’s account of playing a mother-to-be while really being pregnant during production last summer, about Anne’s relationship with the Mason boys, and how Tom’s new job in Charleston “changes everything.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So I’m guessing you weren’t in action-star mode as much for season 3. Did that feel like a change of pace?

MOON BLOODGOOD: Absolutely. I was so pregnant. First of all, it was just the warmest setting for me because everybody was so cautious and loving, and I was pretty far along. When I showed up for work, I was in my seventh month. So the pacing was different. I didn’t work that much like I usually do, and there was no action stuff. I do have a couple physical scenes, but nothing like I had last year. And I think they’re gonna give me more stuff this year. I hope I get to do more physical stuff. ’Cause that’s kind of my genre. I like doing science fiction and getting my hands dirty.

Where do things pick up for Anne at the beginning of the season?

It’s seven months since you’ve last seen Anne, so she’s right about to give birth because she’s into her second or third month when she realizes she’s pregnant. So she’s supposed to have the baby any day now. We have now befriended an alien group called the Vohm, and so we are co-habitating with the Vohm. We now have a new machine that can de-harness children. So I feel like we have progressed in our technology, and I think we’ve kind of adjusted to life in Charleston. This is our new home.

Tom is now President, so Anne is kind of the First Lady.

You’re right, I never even thought of it that way. I think Anne shies away from that role, and definitely she’s much more of a Laura Bush versus a Hillary Clinton kind of First Lady. And it’s not explored deeply, but you do see that Anne’s really missing Tom. She’s about to have a baby. She’s swamped with work. Lourdes, her usual sidekick has now become a doctor and so she’s much more involved. But you can see that Anne is feeling just kind of neglected by Tom, and so are his kids.

[Tom] is feeling pulled in a million directions, and we’re all trying to be supportive and not complain, but you can just see that Anne misses him. And she’s a little threatened by Gloria [Reuben’s new character], who’s sort of his assistant now. So there’s tears happening in the relationship, and I think Tom is also realizing he’s in over his head.

Does Anne become more of a maternal figure to the Mason boys in season 3?

I’m always wondering why they don’t build more of a relationship [between Anne and the Mason boys]. I think that even though the boys are young, other than Maxim [Knight’s character, Matt], the other two boys are pretty grown-up and pretty adult-like, so Anne doesn’t really play a role in their lives as much. But there’s a great scene I got to shoot with Maxim — I basically reprimand him for something he does, and he actually kind of talks back to me. And I think it’s great. There’s tension between us, and then we make up, and it’s really sweet because he really lets his guard down and lets me in, and it’s the beginning of me playing the mother role with [Matt]. He’s accepted me, accepted that Tom and me are an official couple, and now that we’re having a kid, it’s even more official. But I don’t really have much of a maternal relationship with Hal and Ben. There’s so much always going on, but that would be something great to be explored in the next season.

In the wake of the alien invasion, Anne lost a son, Sammy. Will we get to see her grappling with that loss as she brings another child into the world?

The only time you see that is there’s a tree where we all hang names of people we’ve lost, and I think I have a letter I wrote to Sammy that I either hang or I put down by the tree. I don’t think I ever talk about him ’cause right when we get into the [third season], there’s so much going on — there’s a bomb that we’re building to fight the overlords. I don’t think we explored the loss of her son this season. We did last season, but this season, you just see me hang something up and kind of cry about it, but she’s now moving onto new life.

You started your maternity leave partway through production, right?

Right in the middle of shooting, I was about eight to eight-and-a-half months, and I said, “You know what guys, I don’t want to have the baby in Canada. I gotta go home and build my nursery and make sure I’m all prepared.” I’m in four to five episodes out of 10 [in season 3]. I leave, and I don’t think I’m allowed to say how, but I and actually the baby leave. When I do return, it’s in the finale. This one sequence I couldn’t even shoot with Noah because Noah had to look different. I had to actually shoot a scene with someone that looked like Noah, and they shot him from the back, and then they shot his coverage with someone who had to look like me as stand-in, and it was my back to the camera later on in the season. So I had to shoot some stuff completely out of sequence that I didn’t even understand totally what was happening with the scenes. That was a new one for me.

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What can you tease about why Anne and the baby disappear?

It’s not a good predicament that Anne’s in, and some of it’s actually voluntary. I kind of voluntarily leave, and at the same time I’m taken. That sounds like I’m totally contradicting myself, but that’s actually true.

It sounds like she’s sacrificing herself in some way.

Maybe. I think Anne has to make a decision, and there’s a sacrifice she has to make for the well-being of her child. So there is a voluntary step to leave but also an involuntary thing happens where she’s taken. But it’s a science-fiction show. I’m pretty sure I didn’t just go on vacation. I don’t think Anne got lost on the way back to Charleston or on her way out in the woods looking for berries.

Tell me about working with the kids who played Lexi.

They brought in twins, and they were so adorable. The whole set fell in love with these two girls. They were both half-Asian, half-white. They were so animated. All my maternal instincts kicked in. Here I was pregnant, holding the baby, talking to their mom. People just cooed over these babies. It brought a really great warm, fuzzy feeling to set, knowing that I had a baby coming and also that these babies were there. They were only three months old when we started shooting with them. The birthing scene was incredible. I think it was jelly and tapioca pudding they put all over the baby to make it look really real. It was great. Noah has two kids. He’s a pro. He had a scene where he’s changing the diaper. It just lightened up the mood so much. ’Cause it’s such a heavy show, such heavy subject matter. It’s always so serious, so having the children there kind of made everyone smile from ear to ear.

Falling Skies has been somewhat of an allegory for the Revolutionary War for its first two seasons. Does it still feel like that in season 3?

It feels even more patriotic because suddenly our reluctant hero, Tom Mason, becomes president. It feels a little more political, just in the beginning — the politics of becoming a president and dealing with the politics of the power struggle. And our allies are now aliens, so rather than it being the French, it’s the Vohm. [Tom] now being the president changes everything. It changes everything for all of us. Our show was never political, but you see a bit more of that this year.

It doesn’t seem like Tom would have been eager to become President — he had that great scene when he said he’d “beat his sword into the best damn ploughshare you ever saw” and focus on rebuilding America, but not until the fight was done.

Yeah, I think he’s reluctant to become the president, and you see that he actually struggles with it. He’s not comfortable in that position. That’s not what he wanted. He feels that it’s the right thing to do, but it’s actually not the thing that he wants to do. You can see that it becomes so complicated. It’s interesting — even though it’s a post-apocalyptic world, even though aliens are the enemy, you still see the same power struggles and the same dynamics. Human beings are human beings, and they fight over the same things that they always fight about — who’s gonna be in power, who deserves what, who should have the final decision. The same human things that happen when you’re fighting man against man still exist when you’re fighting aliens.

Falling Skies, produced by Steven Spielberg, returns on Sunday, June 9 at 9 p.m. on TNT. EW will present a special early screening of the season 3 premiere next week at the Entertainment Weekly CapeTown Film Festival.

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