In less than three weeks, the broadcast nets will reveal their 2013-14 fall lineups to advertisers in New York City. Here’s our final take on which broadcast shows we think will go forward into next season — and which titles the networks will leave behind. (Each show is accompanied by its average rating for the season among adults 18-49 including seven days of DVR.)


Revolution (4.5): RENEWED

Animal Practice: Cancelled after four episodes

Chicago Fire (2.4): RENEWED

Community (1.6): If anything, it will earn a 13-episode pickup.

Deception (1.8): Cancelled

Do No Harm: Cancelled

Grimm (2.5): RENEWED

Law & Order: SVU (2.1): RENEWED

Hannibal (1.6): Still too early to call, though last week’s ratings dip wasn’t a great sign.

Off Their Rockers (1.7): We don’t expect Betty White to stop rocking anytime soon.

30 Rock (1.9):Final season

Go On (2.3): Cancelled

The New Normal (2.1): It’s very weak, but NBC can’t cancel its whole schedule. This one depends on the strength of NBC’s comedy pilots.

Guys with Kids (1.6): Cancelled

Parenthood (2.8): RENEWED

Parks & Recreation (2.0): RENEWED

Ready for Love: (1.5) Cancelled

Smash (1.4): The curtain is closing. That new Saturday slot wasn’t a reward.

Celebrity Apprentice (1.7). We’d stop it if we could. But Donald will return.

The Biggest Loser (2.8): Like HDLs, it’s still the good kind of fat to have around.

The Office (2.6): Final season

Rock Center With Brian Williams (1.0): Cancelled

The Voice (5.2, 4.7): RENEWED

Up All Night (1.7): Cancelled

Whitney (1.5): Cancelled

1600 Penn (1.5). Cancelled


Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC


2 Broke Girls (3.9): RENEWED

Blue Bloods (1.9): RENEWED

CSI: NY (1.9): Cancelled


Criminal Minds (3.4): RENEWED

Elementary (3.0): RENEWED

48 Hours: RENEWED

Golden Boy (1.8): 90-10 chance of renewal (90 percent being “no way”).

Hawaii Five-0 (2.6): RENEWED

How I Met Your Mother (3.8): RENEWED FOR FINAL SEASON

Made in Jersey (1.1): Cancelled

Mike & Molly (3.4): RENEWED



Partners (2.3): Cancelled

Person of Interest (3.4): RENEWED

Rules of Engagement (2.8): With David Spade booking a pilot, and Patrick Warburton signing an overall with CBS, this comedy may finally get a pink slip.

60 Minutes (2.3): RENEWED

Survivor (3.5/3.0): RENEWED

The Amazing Race (3.1): RENEWED

The Big Bang Theory (6.7): RENEWED

The Good Wife (2.0): RENEWED

The Job(.8): CBS hasn’t said officially but this short-lived reality show is dead.

The Mentalist (2.4): RENEWED

Two and A Half Men (4.2): RENEWED

Undercover Boss (1.8): RENEWED

Vegas (2.0): Cancelled


Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC


American Dad (2.7): RENEWED

American Idol: (Wednesdays, 4.9 rating; Thursday, 4.6). RENEWED

Ben & Kate (1.5): Cancelled

Bob’s Burgers (2.3): RENEWED

Bones: (2.8). RENEWED.

Family Guy (3.7):RENEWED.

Fringe(1.6): Final season


Hell’s Kitchen (2.5):RENEWED

Kitchen Nightmares RENEWED

New Girl (3.4): RENEWED.

Raising Hope (2.0): RENEWED.

The Cleveland Show (1.6): What is a show that’s not cancelled, yet not expected to be renewed? Fox has put Cleveland into cryostasis, that state of suspended animation (so to speak) for animated shows that are doing poorly in the ratings, yet might be thawed out for another batch of episodes depending on the network’s scheduling needs — either months or years in the future (see King of the Hill and Family Guy).

The Following (4.1): RENEWED

The Mindy Project (2.1): RENEWED

The Simpsons (3.1): RENEWED

The Mob Doctor (1.3): Cancelled

The X-Factor (3.6 and 3.4) RENEWED sans Khloe Kardashian, so that’s a start.

Touch (1.0): Goner.


Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC


America’s Funniest Home Videos (1.5): Yes, as long as several million ABC viewers still haven’t heard of YouTube.

Don’t Trust the B– in Apt. 23 (1.6) Cancelled

Castle (2.6): RENEWED

Malibu Country (1.7): Reba McEntire just went through her second showrunner. The country girl is on the bubble.

Modern Family (5.1): Of course.

Body of Proof (1.8): Hasn’t really earned a place on the schedule next year. At best it’s a short-order midseason replacement.

Dancing with the Stars (2.6): Ratings aren’t great this season, but ABC won’t give up on the fringe.

Grey’s Anatomy (4.2): RENEWED

Happy Endings (1.9): Too close to call, but not looking good. Now gutter-balling on Friday night.

How to Live with Your Parents (2.8): Too soon to say: Semi-decent start out of the gate, but it’s dropping fast.

Private Practice (2.4): Final season.

The Neighbors: (2.0) Quintessential bubble show. Depends on how the new pilots look.

666 Park Avenuee (1.5): Red tagged!

Last Resort (2.0): Docked for good

The Taste (1.8): Not for the regular season, but it could return in the summer.

Nashville (2.4): RENEWED

Last Man Standing (1.9): Tim Allen and his new prime-time family will probably go another round.

Red Widow (1.4): Somebody call the coroner.

Once Upon a Time (3.7): Safe.

Revenge: RENEWED

Scandal (2.8): RENEWED

Shark Tank (2.1): A total blockbuster — by Friday standards.

Splash (1.9): Glub-glub-glub (unless it ends up as a summer show next year).

Suburgatory (2.5): RENEWED

The Bachelor (3.3): ABC’s not dumping this franchise into a limo anytime soon.

The Middle (2.5): It’s not performing as well as it should for a fourth year comedy, but probably won’t go anywhere.

Wife Swap (2.0): Fills holes. Likely.

Zero Hour (1.5): Cancelled


Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC


Arrow (1.3): RENEWED

Beauty and the Beast (0.7): RENEWED

Cult (.3): No

Emily Owens, M.D. (.5): Cancelled

Supernatural (1.1): RENEWED

The Vampire Diaries (1.5): RENEWED

America’s Next Top Model (0.8): RENEWED

Nikita (.5): Will come down to how many slots are available. Right now, it’s not looking pretty.

Hart of Dixie (0.8): RENEWED

90210 (.6): Final season.

The Carrie Diaries (.7): Kinda sorta likely to continue. Kinda.