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Castle | Monday, 10-11 p.m., ABC The ''I love you'' uttered by Castle (Nathan Fillion) to Beckett (Stana Katic) ?as she lay injured from a gunshot in…
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Happy finale season! We’re in the home stretch but before we all prepare for our post-TV season depression, let’s dig in to some scoop.

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Aside from a few bumps along the way, this season of Castle has been filled with lots of joy for Castle and Beckett — the “honeymoon period,” as executive producer Andrew Marlow calls it. But will the May 13 finale bring an official end to this honeymoon?

“I think the finale’s goal is to ask some hard questions, and take a look at some reconceived notions and some assumptions that both characters may have that may or may not be accurate,” he elaborates.

Judging from the questions you fans sent in, though, I know there’s one question that’s been plaguing your minds: Should you be worried about Castle and Beckett’s relationship status. The answer? Well, it’s complicated: “I think whenever we go into a finale episode, of course, the fans should be worried about things,” Marlowe says. “But what we’re trying to do is find honest organic storytelling that’s more complicated than ‘should we be worried’ because I think ‘should we be worried’ implies a binary outcome — either X happens to Y happens and I think we’re trying to tell a lot more complicated story than that.”

I warned you. It’s complicated. Thankfully clarity is just around the corner, as are more teases from Marlow. Stay tuned.


Think we’ve seen the worst from brilliant hacker Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds)? Think again.

In Monday’s season finale of Bones, the evil genius now has more tools at his disposal than ever before and will show just how much he can mess with the lives of our gang, “I think it’s emotional for everybody,” previews Emily Deschanel. “The victims — there may be multiple victims — have connections to the FBI and Booth and Booth…knows the victim well. So it’s a big deal.”

After stealing Hodgins’s fortune in a previous episode, we’ll find Pelant operatings from some very fancy new digs in Monday’s season ender and living with “no restrictions.” “He has unlimited capabilities at this point and that’s pretty terrifying when you think about a brilliant, evil person with all those resources,” she says.

But his most evil act of the episode? That one you won’t see coming. “It’s like the last few season finales where you really have to watch until the very last minute,” she teases.

More from Deschanel on Monday.


We all saw Lamar flirt with death in the last new episode of Nashville, but even though he made it out alive, there are big changes in store for the family.

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“[Tandy] is sort of the son her father never had and has been groomed for the top role at the company and to succeed my father when it was time for him to step down or, god forbid, he should pass away. So it becomes clear the time is getting closer, it’s time to maybe make some moves,” Judith Hoag teases. “Lamar and Tandy have some different visions for how the company should be run, and I think Tandy has hit a point where she’s done being told who to be and what to do.”

That goes over with Lamar about as well as you’d expect. But Hoag says Tandy’s new attitude isn’t the only thing drumming up drama. “She also finds out information that makes her uncomfortable with how business is being handled…and also I question a big Lamar’s state of mind,” she says. “But we can never forget what a worthy opponent he is. He’s worthy and he taught me very well. So it should be interesting.”


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I ALREADY miss Southland. Can you give me any good news about renewal? – Lindsay

No renewal update here, but I have one great consolation prize for you and all of your fellow Southlanders! Above, you’ll see an EXCLUSIVE First Look at Ben McKenzie’s guest spot on TBS’s Men at Work! (Yes, guys, it’s an O.C. reunion!) In the episode, airing May 9, Tyler (Michael Cassidy) starts dating McKenzie’s character’s ex-wife and then things get awkward (+ hilarious). This marks the first time McKenzie and Cassidy have worked together since The O.C. Sigh.

Thanks for giving some attention to Chicago Fire, Sandra. Such an underrated show! Now, give me some Dawson scoop! – Leanne

With the triangle heating up, we WILL see a decision by the end of the season, according to executive producer Matt Olmstead. “We’re definitely playing up the crescendo of the Dawson, Mills, Casey relationship — in particular how it plays out on Dawson, because she has to make a real choice. I would say she makes an unexpected one,” he says.

Sandra, please tell me you have something on Elementary! We need more Moriarity scoop! – Kayla

As you know, Moriarity will finally be appearing live and in person in the season finale (as will Irene Adler!) but what will Watson be up to? “Watson will play a major part in the face-off against Moriarity,” exec producer Rob Doherty teased. “[Sherlock will] need to utilize her as a support structure as he always has, but he’s also going to lean more heavily on her as an investigator.” Moreover, if you were expecting a cliffhanger, Doherty says it’s “not likely.” “Yet we’re going to leave the door open to picking up certain threads in season two,” he shares.

Hey! Anything for Grimm-sters? — Jordan

Chew on this like a hungry Wessen: “It’s insane,” David Giuntoli says of the cliffhanger. “Let’s just say, one of the main characters might be dead.”

I’m SO happy Supernatural is back this week. Can you give me any new info on the finale? — Anna

Well, the description for the finale released today let it slip that the boys will indeed go into “one last play” against Crowley, who is “poised to undo allthe good they’ve ever done as hunters.” So how will it all play out? “I think you owe your fans and your audience a sense of resolution and while we know we’re coming back, we’re leaving certain things open,” reveals Jeremy Carver. “That’s sort of a generic way of saying s–t gets resolved and s–t gets cliffhanged.”


Well, in case you missed my post-mortem with Cote de Pablo, you can read that here. But if you did and are still craving more, here’s what de Pablo told me about Tony and Ziva in the following episode. “Let’s say this is one of the sweetest moments we’ll see because then things get messy again — as things do between these two characters,” she says. “They get really nice and mushy and then they get really messed up.”

So Grey’s is having a super storm, huh? Well, big whoop! I just want to know that Bailey is going to be okay! Sorry, shippers, this isn’t all about you! There’s no Grey’s without Bailey. — Loren

Um, Loren, some advise: you don’t want to pick fights with shippers. And shippers, please sent all of your comments for Loren to Now, on to your question, that is also not good news, I’m afraid. When I asked Chandra Wilson if we’d all be questioning Bailey’s position at the hospital by the end of the finale, she said coyly: “It is quite possible — even more than the audience questioning, she’s got big ole question marks about her future.” “She’s been questioning things about her future anyway [since] her colleagues became her boss,” she added. “It’s basically her and Alex Karev who aren’t invested financially. It’s an interesting position for her to be in.”

Anything on Revolution? — Jim

Executive producer Eric Kripke is the king of the tease, so I present his comment on the upcoming season finale, uninterrupted: “There’s a pretty huge — I don’t want to give anything away — but there’s a series of fairly massive, seismic events that happen that will change everything for season 2. So I think it’ll obviously have its same DNA and same characters but there will be new quests, new adventures, new problems and really an entirely new landscape that they have to deal with.”

I haven’t seen any Mindy here for a while. Can you assist, Sandra? I LOVE that show! — Elisabet

April 30’s “Triathalon” is a huge treat. It marks the arrival of Chloe Sevigny as Danny’s ex-wife, and she’s as great as she is…unyielding. But what brings her into town is actually going to cause a riff between Danny and Morgan. Meanwhile, Mindy and her religious BF Casey are going to hit a rough patch when he brings up the big C-word…conversion!

PLEASE! I NEED Good Wife finale scoop! — Jill

SO MANY things happen in this finale. I can’t even begin to describe it all. So we’ll play a game: There’s a ****, [Spoiler] makes a decision that will end up being a crazy secret [he/she] will share with an unexpected person, and there’s a phonecall that will stop your heart mid-beat. Can’t say who makes it nor the person on the other end. #thisshowisthebest

I feel like there’s nothing you can tell me about tomorrow’s TVD that I haven’t read already. But try me. Yes, that’s a challenge. — Jo

Did you know Rebeckah is the reason the gang heads to the Big Easy in the first place? In tomorrow’s episode, she’s going to deliver a message from Katherine (Nina Dobrev) to Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) that will prompt them to make the trip. “She may be the bearer of bad news or good news,” hints Holt. “She’s definitely going to play a role in the reason that they go on this quest.”

Can you tell me about the New Girl ep with Stiles (Dylan O’Brien)? — Lauren

He SINGS! Yes, we’ll learn via flashback that O’Brien’s character’s first encounter with Jess involved a lovely hallway serenade on a disappointing prom night. As you also may have heard, they do end up getting pretty frisky (and stuck!) in a children’s play castle while trying to hook up, but I have to say, even with all that, the TRUE highlight of this episode? The big [spoiler] at the end of the episode!

(Nuzhat Naoreen contributed to this column.)


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