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Joe Carroll, Hannibal Lecter and Norman Bates are about to get a new rival: The third season of AMC’s The Killing is set to introduce a serial killer villain. Below is the show’s official new marketing art that depicts one victim and 17 (and counting!) tally marks. But unlike some other more outlandish serial killer dramas, you can expect The Killing to have a more grounded and realistic take on the genre.

“We really wanted to reach out and grab people,” Linda Schupack, AMC’s Executive VP of Marketing. “We wanted the ad to be graphic and bold and stylish.The story is about a serial killer, but at the same time we also wanted to capture the humanity of the story — which I think sets it apart from other cop dramas. You really feel for the characters, particularly the victims.”

Though this is The Killing’s third season, the new case provides a creative reset that will make it easier for new viewers to tune in. The first two heavily serialized seasons were focused on solving one murder (the killing of Rosie Larsen). At the start of season three, Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) has quit Seattle homicide, but a case where somebody is preying on street kids will bring her back into the game. The case will be concluded at the end of this season (really … no really! They swear.).

Here’s the new art for The Killing, which returns to AMC on June 2. (Or perhaps this season the show should be called The Killings?).

Credit: AMC

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