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What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

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What Would Ryan Lochte Do? premiered this week to some questionable reviews (okay, okay, and some snark from us). So when we caught up with Lochte at the Wild Turkey American Honey Celebrity Kickball event today we wanted to get to the bottom of some burning questions we had after the premiere (like for real, introduce us to that dog):

Entertainment Weekly: How did your mom respond to the first episode? Did she cry?

RYAN LOCHTE: I was like ”Mom you gotta text me and tell me what you think after the show.” And she was like, ”You know what, I loved it. A lot of people saw the real side of you. You’re loving. You’re caring.” But, you know, it’s only the first episode. The first episode is kind of just introducing everyone around me into the show, but it gets more in deep in the next episode.

Who was the most nervous about doing the show of your family?

Um, I think my brother, my brother that lives with me, I think he was the most nervous. Just because he’s his own person, but at the same time he’s never even been around a camera or anything like that, so he wasn’t really knowing what to expect. But he was having a good time with it.

What’s your favorite sushi?

My favorite sushi?… You know I was never big into sushi, but like after going there a lot I pretty much like all sushi. Sushi’s good. I like it.

What’s your favorite scene in What Women Want?

I think it was when Mel Gibson was… I mean, actually I don’t want to really say this but, towards the end I kind of got teary-eyed when… You know, the best thing for guys is knowing what women want. I mean that is the all time greatest. But like towards the end he found his one. He found his love. I think that was one of my favorite part was when he found that someone.

You also said in that scene that you don’t like scary movies, do you hate scary movies or…?

Oh yeah! I blame my sisters for that, because they scared me a lot when I was younger and now I’m terrified of scary movies. I can’t watch ’em.

Last question, there was a dog walking around that party that you never introduced who was like a huge dog, whose dog is that?

Oh that’s my dog! That’s Carter. You’re gonna see him in the show. He will be a little co-host.

We didn’t stick around to watch Lochte play, but when we asked him if he had any kickball skills he said, ”I did play kickball when I was a little kid growing up, so I know the rules and everything. I mean it’s been awhile, but you know I’m an athletic person, so we’ll see if that shows up today.”

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What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

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