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Today, Sprout announced its new crop of original programming aimed at children ages 2-5 and their parents. Expect pandas, shrinking kids, and lots of wordplay. Here's a list of the shows to look forward to:

Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave: Debuting next year, this interactive game show allows audience members to answer multiple choice questions, on their smart phones or tablets, as the main characters move through different lands. Ruff-Ruff is a dog, tweet is a bird, but Dave, excitingly enough, is a panda.

The Chica Show:  Lovable chicken, Chica, returns July 29 for her second season. Look for new adventures like "Fashion Fun, Starstruck Dreams and a Dinosaur Romp."

Boj: Boj, a 5-year-old-bilby (Australian marsupial), is the new kid in Giggly Park. He's making new friends and solving problems using "his upside-down, inside-out, topsy-turvy way of seeing the world."

Driftwood Bay: Lily creates an imaginary world out of treasures she has found washed up on the beach. The show is meant to teach young children to build their own fun. It debuts in 2014.

LazyTown: Returning for its third season May 27, LazyTown gets kids moving. Pink-haired heroine Stephanie, Robbie Rotten, a lazy super-villain, and Sportacus, an active superhero, are all characters on the show that promotes exercise.

Tree Fu Tom: Premiering today, this show tells the story of a boy named Tom with "Tree Fu" magic which can shrink him down and allows him to explore an enchanted kingdom called Treetopolis in his backyard.

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