By Amanda Taylor
Updated April 22, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT

Star Trek

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The latest clip from Star Trek Into Darkness doesn’t reveal a whole lot more about the general plot, but it does give us a peek onto the bridge of the USS Enterprise.

From the trailers we’ve already seen, we know there will be a lot of peril, and in this scene it’s Spock whose life is in danger at the mouth of an active volcano. Beaming him back to the ship seems impossible, based on what the engineer and pilot are saying. And Bones, the king of real talk, delivers the most dramatic line of the clip: “He’d let you die.”

Watch the clip below:

Star Trek Into Darkness – Clip No. 1

Zachary Quinto’s awesome robotic cadence, a perfect moment with Simon Pegg flinching at a giant fish, and a set of wetsuits on Kirk, Bones, and Sulu … is it May 17 yet?

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