By John Mitchell
Updated April 22, 2013 at 01:56 PM EDT

Today, Google celebrates Earth Day with an interactive doodle that changes with the seasons.

The doodle starts in the spring with snow-capped mountains and lush green grass and moves through a dry summer and snowy winter. The image depicts both day and night, complete with fireflies.

Run your mouse over the dandelion rows to watch them blow around and through the sky to see the breeze swirl. Clicking on the clouds makes it rain and snow, depending on the season, and pressing on the mountain cave brings a bear or two.

Google has been celebrating Earth Day annually since 2001 with its famed Google Doodles. In ’01 and ’02 it replaced the Os in its name with images of Earth, in ’03 it looked upon our planet from the moon, ’04 saw a fish leaping out of a mountain lake, and in ’05 a squirrel collected acorns. The doodles took on a political bent in ’06 and ’07, with a solar panel and wind turbine (2006) and a precipitously melting Arctic iceberg (2007). The scene featured a waterfall in ’08, marine life in 2009, parrots in a jungle in 2010, a composite of different environments around the world in ’11, and an animation of growing flowers in 2012.

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