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April 21, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

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This week on Celebrity Apprentice the teams had a simple task: Create an interactive experience that perfectly captured the atmosphere of South Africa. The food. The culture. The music. The feeling. More specifically, the Romance and the Adventure. Plan B — reduced to the Power Trio of Penn, Lisa, and Uncle Gary — took Romance. Power handled Adventure, which in this case means “Guy in a Shark Suit” and “Marilu Henner Giving Everyone Rolling-Chair Rides.” I’m filling in for Dalton Ross this week, and my full recap will be up at 2 AM (UPDATE: Click here for Darren’s full Celebrity Apprentice recap), but if every fiber of your being craves to know which celebrity was sent down the Elevator of Shame, then read on. SPOILERS FROM HERE!

Brande Roderick tried. She tried so, so hard. After winning nary a red cent for her charity, she happily volunteered to be the Project Manager of Team Power. On the advice of South African expert Lil Jon, they selected the Adventure option. This plan backfired almost immediately, when it became clear that they would need to express the Big Five of Adventure — Golfing, Surfing, Ziplining, Shark-Cage Diving, and something called “Glamping” — in a tiny room. They opted to create a 360-degree experience which resembled a cheaper version of a local elementary school’s Haunted House.

Mr. Trump believed that Lil Jon should have been taken to task for setting Team Power on the path of Adventure. But Brande pulled a Sydney Carton, rescuing Lil Jon from the chopping block and setting herself up to go home emptyhanded. Trump was kind enough to give $20,000 to her charity, which in the context of his tremendous wealth was quite literally like throwing pennies at street orphans. It was very inspiring.

The full Celebrity Apprentice recap is live now. But go ahead and start debating: Should Brande have saved Lil Jon? Would you read a book of Gary Busey’s poetry? Considering that it took Penn Jillette about two minutes to book a Zulu Dance troupe, a five-star South African chef, and the drummer from Graceland, should we just declare him the winner of this whole thing right now?

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