At long last, everyone’s favorite French robo-dudes are back.

Just after midnight, Daft Punk finally unveiled “Get Lucky,” the first single from their new and long-awaited (unless you’re one of the guys this guy is looking for) album Random Access Memories. Though there have been some brief snippets that have shown up during television commercials and some pretty convincing fakes circulating around the Internet over the past week or so, this is the real deal.

The track features vocals by Pharrell Williams and some blistering guitar work care of Nile Rodgers. It’s now available for sale on iTunes, but you can go ahead and give it a spin below.

Like all of Daft Punk’s best songs, “Get Lucky” works on two levels: You can certainly dance to it if you’ve got a few friends and some strobe lights, but it also works as a multi-layered headphones thrill for anybody just sitting at a desk in front of an iMac.

It’s a little jarring to hear Daft Punk’s robot rock fronted by a singer as organic-sounding as Williams, but he still manages to fit right in. Is the Neptunes co-founder secretly a cyborg himself? Perhaps the rest of Random Access Memories will answer that question.

What do you think of “Get Lucky”? Does it justify the fervor surrounding Daft Punk’s new album? Are you looking forward to Random Access Memories more or less now? Leave your comments in le box below.


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