Sweet Caroline

Many professional sports teams have put aside competition and rivalries to stand in support of Boston following the bombing at the Boston Marathon. The New York Yankees, a huge Boston Red Sox rival, played ”Sweet Caroline” — a Boston tradition — in their game Tuesday. The stadium also displayed the logo of both teams and read ”United We Stand.” The Cubs, Braves, Marlins, and several other teams also played the Neil Diamond song. Watch the Yankee’s tribute here:

When Boston teams have played this week, the crowd and the teams have paid tribute to the city. When the Red Sox played in Cleveland Tuesday, a note in the dugout read ”From our city, to your city our hearts and prayers go out to you Boston. Love, Cleveland.” The Boston Celtics and the Toronto Raptors observed a moment of silence in their game Wednesday. The Celtics also wore a black stripe on their jerseys. Last night when the Bruins had their first game in Boston following the tragedy, Rene Rancourt and the Boston Fire Department Honor Guard lead the crowd in a moving rendition of the National Anthem.

Around the country, people have found a way to show that their thoughts are with Boston through sports. The college baseball teams for Louisville and Vanderbilt wore red, white, and blue uniforms at their games. The Chicago Tribune sports section had a full-page dedicated to Boston that read ”We are Chicago” several times followed by Boston sports logos.

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Sweet Caroline
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