By Lynette Rice
April 18, 2013 at 07:24 PM EDT
Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

In honor of her 30th anniversary this month on Days of Our Lives, EW asked Kristian Alfonso– aka Hope, aka Gina– to single out her favorite moments on the NBC soap over the last three decades. “To be here 30 years later and still be having a blast, to be enjoying what I’m doing… I’m obviously feeling very fulfilled,” she tells EW. “I really love my job.”

Episode 4730, June 12, 1984. At Larry and Hope’s wedding, Bo bursts in before his lady love walks down the aisle. He ends up taking her away on his motorcycle. “Every one knows that it’s a sham,” Alfonso recalls. “She doesn’t love this guy. Beau comes and ‘Holding out for a Hero’ starts playing and she’s in her wedding room just about to walk down the aisle. Bo kidnaps her and off they ride on the motorcycle down the 101 freeway. We got pulled over by the cops that day! I was in the wedding dress and he had his leather jacket on.”

Episode 4783, Aug. 27, 1984.  Bo and Hope have a picnic and make love on the grounds at Oak Alley. Notice Alfonso’s slight wardrobe malfunction.

Episode 7474, Feb. 24, 1995. Alfonso, as Gina this time, tells Billie that she can’t be a bridesmaid in Billie’s marriage to Bo. “I loved working with Lisa Rinna!” recalls Alfonso. “There was always that pitter-patter of still being in love with Beau.”

Episode 8462,  Jan. 18, 1999. In the midst of a snowstorm, Hope crashes her car and passes out while Stefano and Dr. Rolf activate the satellite which switches the mind control computer chip in Hope’s brain that will turn her into Princess Gina. “When I first came back in ’94, that’s how my character was re-introduced. I was coming back as Gina, not as Hope. Even in my contract it said Gina. So this storyline constantly kept evolving. It was a treasure hunt, it was like investigating a mystery.”

Episode 9847, July 5, 2004. Hope tells Patrick that he is under arrest for robbery, kidnapping, and possibly murder.

Episode 10226, Jan. 10, 2006. Hope learns that her 3-year-old son is dead after being hit by a car. “That was such a heartbreaking story. Many emotions played in that … the devastation of losing a child. You never want to outlive your children and he was such a young boy. You think you’ve left your child with someone safe and that he is safe, and the worst scenario takes place — it’s late at night, nobody knows, and he gets hit by a car.”