The newest trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness mostly features some new looks at sequences you’ll recognize from earlier trailers. The red-tinted Dr. Strangelove war room, the Enterprise falling to earth, Captain Pike doing his best impression of Tom Skerritt from Top Gun, Chris Pine’s eyes shining as blue as a sapphire supernova: Check, check, checkeroo! But there are some intriguing bits of new footage. The key revelation is that Benedict Cumberbatch’s maybe-Khan-maybe-not bad guy has a ship. It’s much larger than the Enterprise. It’s colored dark, because it’s eeeeevil. And am I crazy, or does it look a little bit like the Enterprise-E from the Next Generation movies?

Of course, as we all know, the Sovereign-class ships weren’t created until a century after the Captain Kirk era. I’m going to skip over three paragraphs of geek deduction and just hit you with my new theory: Benedict Cumberbatch was Wesley Crusher all along. Now that your mind has been blown, here’s the new trailer:

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Star Trek Into Darkness
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