By Samantha Highfill
April 16, 2013 at 03:41 PM EDT

When the members of indie rock band The National set out on tour, the last thing they expected was for the brother of frontman Matt Berninger to tag along with his camera. But that’s exactly what Tom Berninger did for his directorial debut, Mistaken for Strangers, a “self-mockumentary” that follows the members of band around in every aspect of their lives on tour. From the stage to the shower, Tom spares no expense (or privacy) in his film. He also asks the hard-hitting questions: “How famous do you think you are?” “How fast can you play [the guitar]?” “What kind of drugs and how many drugs have you done?”

The result is a film just as much about Tom’s journey to complete a project as it is about the band. As Tom puts it in the film’s trailer, “I just want to make something good for him [his brother] as well as myself.”

Check out the trailer for Mistaken for Strangers below:

Mistaken for Strangers opens the Tribeca Film Festival tomorrow, April 17, and has additional screenings scheduled for April 26 and 27.

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