Anyone wondering when Twentieth Century Fox was going to finally step into the 21st century, today’s the day. Sort of.

News Corporation, Twentieth Century Fox’s parent company, is preparing to split its entertainment assets from its publishing units. The name News Corporation will stay with those publishing units, which include The Wall Street Journal and HarperCollins. But the group of entertainment companies, including the studio and TV networks such as FX, will get a new name: 21st Century Fox.

But that does not mean the film studio or the television studio will have a name change — only the newly formed parent company will be called 21st Century Fox. So yes, Twentieth Century Fox studio will have a new papa that has a preference for the current century and for Arabic numerals.

CEO Rupert Murdoch announced the new name on Tuesday. With a new name will likely come a new logo, probably some variation on the film studio’s recognizable monument-and-searchlights banner. But it certainly won’t be the first time we’ve seen the logo spruced up or given a twist. Plenty of TV shows and films have had their fun with those searchlights and that catchy fanfare. Below, check out what The Simpsons, Revenge of the Nerds, and more have done with the logo, plus a few musical nods to the movie company.

Futurama: If you’re worried that your plan to see the year 2900 with the help of cryonics won’t work out, well, rest assured that you can at least see Twentieth Century Fox’s logo for the 30th century on Futurama.

Revenge of the Nerds: Destroy the 20th Century Fox logo. Now that’s one way to exact revenge.

The Simpsons Movie: Fox knows all too well that you sing along to that familiar fanfare as soon as that brass section starts blaring. So why not have Ralph Wiggum and his beautiful voice join in?

Alvin and the Chipmunks: After Ralph’s appearance atop the logo, I suppose the company felt obligated to let some animated characters who actually sing for a living give it a try.

Smash: Now that you’ve heard that fanfare enough for one day, here’s some Broadway music for ya. Karen Cartwright belted her ode to Hollywood with “The 20th Century Fox Mambo” on NBC’s Smash.

The Doors: In 1967, mere months before Jimi Hendrix released his track about a cute little heartbreaker, The Doors had a thing or two to say about their own foxy lady on “Twentieth Century Fox.”

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