X-Men: Days of Future Past officially began filming today, uniting the various strands of the decade-old X franchise into one glorious sequel/prequel/interquel/quelquel/maybe-reboot package. To celebrate, franchise steersman Bryan Singer tweeted an image of Sir Patrick Stewart on the set. Check it out:

Now, it would be silly to theorize baselessly about the still-under-wraps plot of Future Past based entirely on a random TwitPic. So that’s why we need to announce a SILLY BASELESS THEORY ALERT. It looks like the cameraman is taking some kind of promotional/test image of Professor X in his costume. To my eyes, the weird silver things on Patrick Stewart’s shoulder look eerily identical to the retro-paratrooper outfits worn by the First Class gang, albeit with the all-black color scheme of the original-trilogy costumes. Maybe this is Professor X from a time between First Class and X 1-3?

Or roll with me on this. The coat looks a little dusty. It’s dark-colored. Sir Patrick is frowning. Dark, dusty, frowning: In modern cinematic lingo, those three things all add up to apocalyptic. Maybe, as has been theorized before, the Professor X we’re going to see in Future Past will be an apocalyptic-future version of James McAvoy’s Professor X, which is to say, the bad future of Future Past will be our present? My nose is bleeding! Also, Sir Patrick is very clearly standing up in this image. In the dark future, does Professor X walk again? Is he using a Shi’ar Exoskeleton? Is Peter Dinklage playing Corsair?

Fellow X obsessives, do you see any secrets lurking in this image?

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